Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lessons in Moving to a New House

When moving to a new house, cleaning up and fixture rearrangements would probably be your daily things to do for a month or two specially if you have lots of things. This day, I have to do just that for our new house to be tidied-up a bit. Life is easier when you have special tools with you and it helps to have a very determined heart to clean-up specially when you see a lot of mess around you. It makes you feel tired just by looking at it and laxy afterwards if you don't start right away. Good friends are great too because they help you move or carry heavy things. I still would like to thank friends and brothers Jayson and Albert for helping us out in moving our heavy stuffs.

This was me while on our last moving day. Tired and sweaty but finally relieved.
Awhile ago, while I was cleaning up, I found some of my missing stuffs I've been looking for this past few days - thank goodness. In life, we face hardships and obstacles that makes things complicated sometimes or just plain hard for us but God made sure to give us special tools we can use to help us resolve these problems. His words (the Bible) is just like our guide book and He even uses people around us to help us with our burdens. Just like my previous QT Verse, just continue to remain in Him and you will surely accomplish lots of things.

And sometimes, in order to learn things, we sometimes have to go back to our mess - reflect on how we solved ii or think of a way to make things better in the future by learning from our mistakes. You might find some useful things you'll need to move on to your next goal or challenge. God bless to all.

The LORD is near to all who call upon Him, To all who call upon Him in truth. -Psalm 145:18


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