Monday, August 12, 2013

100 Lucky Juan Winners for Week 5

Last week, I posted an article about Cebu Pacific's campaign called "100 Lucky Juans" and many have joined and so here are the winner's for their week 5 winners.

Ernesto Anoche Enumerables

Title: I Do Surprise

Jewel Gamboa Catungal
Title: Missing my Baby
Velilla Kathy for OFW Delfin Frias Velilla, Jr.
"I want to join my father who is SAUDI ARABIA, his name is DELFIN VELILLA JR. We missed him so much and I want him to come home for him to see my son which was only 3yrs. old when they last saw each other.If given the consideration to be one of 100luckyjuans Im so happy & excited to see my father again since Im a Papa"s girl, so as to make family bonding which did not happen so long ago." 

Melita Laot-CeƱidoza Matabang
Title: Get together of Laot Family
Salie Pasia Articona for OFW Henry Articona
Title: There's no place like home
Bevy Essha Rosellosa
Title: Fly high to CEBU-DAVAO-CEBU with my lovely Daughter
Shia Mindanao
Title: Priceless New Year's Eve with Whole Family

I think it goes without saying that Filipinos are really very creative when it comes to showing others how they will have fun. If I am asked the same question, I would definitely spend my homecoming with the whole family on a nice beach which is of course located out of town. Like most of the winners' idea of homecoming fun, it was always about being with the family so here is what my idea of my own collage.

We'll probably be in Boracay since I've/we've never been there so it will be the first time for all of us. What can be more fun than a whole family exploring a new place together?

I am also interested in visiting Palawan which is also a first time for all of us. If there is no money limit I'll probably be exploring Philippines' most traveled places and of course take pictures and blog all about it.

And since I don't have pictures with my family on those places, I'll just probably take pictures on the net and set it as our background. So that's it. I know, it would probably have been helpful if I posted this ideas last week. Well, it's an ongoing campaign so just join again. By the way, there is also an ongoing campaign for students called "Juan for Fun" which is an all-expense paid trip to six local destinations. One of your family member may be qualified to join it. Here are the details -

Thanks for visiting Baul ni Noel once again and congratulations to all the winners. God bless you all.


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