Monday, August 19, 2013

Where To Go on Vacation?

Reading so much about vacations lately. It seems everywhere you go Pinoys are having a good time with their very own vacations in different destinations. Most of my blogger-exchange buddies or should I say most bloggers are on vacation mode. It's probably one of the reasons that rate of Cebu Pacific's rate of guest flights this year increased 8% for this year. Last year they've flown 6.9 million passengers while they have 7.5 million guests this year. They've also flown their 80 millionth passenger last August. I hope they continue to offer amazing promotions and good service once we decided to have our vacation.
Three of our friends are inviting us to visit their places, one is in Davao, the other is in Bacolod and last one is in Palawan. It's hard to choose where to go. Well, if we have the budget plus Cebu Pacific's promo, we'll probably be going on all those places. Well, you have any suggestions where to go? Specially for a family with 2 kids (a 7 years old and a 1 year old). Would be wonderful to hear from you guys.
80 Millionth Passenger Winner. She won 80 tickets for 1 year. Now I feel so jealous.

By the way, Cebu Pacific Airlines' program for "Juan for Fun" is still on-going and also the "100 Lucky Juans". You can also like to be updated of their promotions.


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