Sunday, December 19, 2010

PEBA Night: This Time, I Won!

It was late and I was about to sleep that night when I decided to check my email and found a few but one interesting email I found was from Yanah and it was entitled PEBA Night. It was a few days before the awards night so I thought that I am just being informed that I am once again a finalist and that I have to book seats for me or my representatives. I decided to read it anyway.

The first paragraph totally surprised me (yes, it's the only word I can think of right now). I have to read it four more times just to be sure I am reading it right. And confirmed it, okay not really - I called my wife and let her read the letter - just to be sure. And she said "Wow!" almost waking-up Ize who is sleeping soundly that time. What a way to confirm it.

Those times, I was so busy with our church's events and my studies so imagine how I was feeling not being able to concentrate on both. "The award wasn't even mentioned" I told myself. I read my article one more time and try to get a feeling and pretended to be a PEBA judge just to seek or guess how worthy my entry is of such honor - what ever it is they'll be awarding me.

I have to admit that I am not that self-confident most of the times. I may have shared a few pointers here on how you can get confidence but it was like a reminder to myself. I even find my blog boring most of the time and having a religious or Bible inspired blog doesn't really attract most blogger or readers. Most people would rather read funny blogs, rumors, entertainment or sports.

I remembered that I've sent my sister last year to be my representative but not at PEBA's but of Philippine Blog Awards - I didn't win anything but I became a finalist, o yes I was also a finalist at PEBA's last year. I can almost guess how my sister will react when I tell her to go to the awards night- she'll probably tease me and tell me that she'll be going there again and not receive anything so before she could say anything I told her - This Time, I Won! 

She felt excited and told me that I should prepare a speech in case she's asked to say something. I told her that I'll be preparing a video clip (but in the back of my mind I am asking myself if I should do it or not) so she doesn't have to worry about it. I told her to bring along Mom with her. The only thing is, they have no formal dress and I have to give them some money for it as well as the money for Christmas.

Event night came and I was at home busy cooking palabok while watching the live streaming. Now, I don't know the order of the awards so I was pretty nervous the whole time. It's a good thing that there is a chat box available and I was able to register and made a few exchange of words with George and Kenji guised as PEBA. I found a few bloggers their as well. The tormenting part was the poor volume, all I could hear was bits and pieces of words uttered by the hosts. I almost ripped the speakers attached to my TV and connect it to my PC just to make sense of what people are saying. Oh yes, another thing is that from time to time, the video freezes and the minute it comes back you missed something already.

All the while, I was cooking the pancit luglog for my palabok and stirring the sauce and wished I don't miss the part when the host will say "Baul ni Noel". Not wanting to overcook the sauce, I gave it an undivided attention and when I came back - I kept praying I didn't miss it. I read what peba (Kenji) typed and glad I didn't miss it. When I read Kenji saying major awards will be next, I became more nervous.

That's my sister Vangie, receiving my award. Image courtesy of pusangkalye! Thanks Anton.
To cut it short, I was able to hear my Baul awarded and it ranked #4 among the Top 10 Outstanding Blogs in OFW Category. I was so happy, it was something great indeed - something worth treasured.

I am very thankful of the Lord for having granted with such prestige and honor. I'd like to share this great victory with my dearly beloved family and friends and my avid (if there are) readers. And to all the people who lovingly dedicated their time and effort (without pay) in making the PEBA event successful - Thank you very much! To PEBA Founder Kenji and PEBA President NJ, more power to you guys. As to PEBA 2011, I can't wait for it -- and though I am disqualified already, I still will gladly support it. Lastly, to all the finalist and awardees, congratulations!

As I celebrate the great blessings God gave me, I wish to greet you all Happy Holidays! God bless you all.


NFB said...

hey! of course you have avid readers and i'm one of them. Congrats again, now I know the secret for a great palabok menu - a tensed and excited Noel :-)

kayni said...

Congratulations! You deserve it :).

Keep on writing.

Mylene said...

Congratulations Noel :)
I'm happy for you :)

Yellow Bells said...

Congratulations Noel! Well done!

Noel said...

I was corrected at FB, saying PEBA was actually George. Now I am confused coz I remember both George and peba inside the chat.

Noel said...

NFB - Thanks, dahil diyan nanalo ka ng palabok treat from me hahaha! Ibahin ko naman sa susunod, pancit bihon if ever.

kayni - thank you beri-beri!

mylene - wow, it's been a long time, parang nakasama rin yata kita doon sa chat box noong PEBA Night hehe!

Yellowbells - nadagdag ko na ba ang bells mo? este ang blog mo sa aking blogroll? check ko.

The Pope said...

I was flattered sa comment mo about the mixup between PEBA and my name. Congratulations for Noel, you really deserve this one.

A blessed Yuletide Season to you and your family.

taga-bundok (animus) said...

Good Day Sir Noel!

Salamat po sa pagbisita sa aking blog.
Congratulations din po sa inyo. ^^

Sayang, ako naman po hindi ko napanuod yung live streaming kasi naka-duty ako. Sa text lang ako nakikibalita nung time na yun. Sa tingin ko, ang sarap siguro ng feeling na nanunuod ka.

Anyway, Maligayang Pasko po at Mapagpalang Bagong Taon sa'yo at sa iyong pamilya! ^^

Pinaywriter said...

Congrats sa ating lahat!

I was like clapping like mad when you guys won. ^^

Yellow Bells said...

hello noel I added your link too. Good luck here and Merry Christmas na rin!

Noel said...

@George - nalito talaga ako kasi alam ko nandoon peba at george hehe! Thanks Happy Holidays to you.

@animus - waaaah! sir daw ako. brod na lang hehe! thanks din sa pagbisita.

@Pinaywriter - salamat - salamat at salamat. Congrats ulit.

@yellowbell - thanks for the add.

Bhing said...

again, congrats!
Merry Christmas!

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