Wednesday, July 17, 2013

QT10022: James 1:12 (Blessing on a Sleepless Night)

Can't believe it's 5am already and I still can't sleep. It must be the Ramadan season that's giving me sleeping disorder. I remember having the same problem two years ago (last year I was in the Philippines during Ramadan). I tried to count sheep but whenever I think of it, I remember their lamb chops and it makes me hungry (lol!).

I logged-in on my Facebook account and all I see are travel trips of fellow bloggers in the Philippines and it makes me feel homesick - waaah! Went to GMANews but I don't see any good news or even interesting topics I can read. I want to watch a movie but I know when it's a good movie, I won't feel sleepy at all.

As long as you can see a smile on each of your family member and as long as you are together while you keep your faith in God - you will find victory in the end.
I figured, maybe I should make a blog entry to my Xleontips blog but I can't think of a topic, I checked the last unfinished topic I did and tried to read it but I can't think of anything to add on it since my mind is pretty messed up because of lack of sleep. So here I am making an entry to this Baul of mine and just tell you the story behind my sleepless night. Just now, I decided to make another entry to my Quiet-Time verses so here is the verse for this day.
Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him. - James 1: 12 (NIV)
This is a random verse I took from Crosswalk website and I just can't believe the verse I got - I believe it is a good verse for anyone to read and meditate. 

During the past months, my great burden is to find a way for me to find a job and also to find a person who would take care of my children while both me and my wife are working. I can't believe the pressure of not having a job - I should be relaxed since I am only at home but the fact that I should be the one working instead of my wife keeps haunting me most of the time. I know I should be at peace knowing that God has never neglected me and my family. I know this is just one of the trials that I have to overcome.

In my past problems, I've seen how God works in me and the people around me, God's great power, specially God's perfect timing. Should I be worried? Thank you Lord for showing me your way once again and thank you for reminding me all the good works you've done for me during those times.

I've persevered on my past trials and I thank God for helping me past them and I know you too can pass every trials you will face, just believe in God. You may sometimes find yourself on a losing streak but believe me - once you've seen God's power and His perfect timing, you will never ever doubt again - you will feel worried sometimes but whenever you realize the past victories, you will regain your faith. God bless you all.


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