Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Chopsticks Foodventure

Since we know people will be crowding the place during Iftar, we decided to have another foodventure around 10pm at Chopsticks Restaurant after a short trip at Toys R Us.  Before going to our destination, we took some pictures outside because during Ramadan they put a lot of fancy things and decorations like flashing lights and lanterns on the streets much like our Christmas lanterns and Christmas lights.

Chopsticks restaurant is located in Falasteen Street and just the opposite of Starbucks and Burger King. By the way the place is crawling with other restaurants, come to think of it this should be called Jeddah restaurant district because of its overwhelming number.

Inside Chopsticks are Filipino servers during that time. The place was quite cozy and looks elegant and the food was great too. We love the sizzling seafood, the squid is soft and very tasty. I also love their soups, my wife ordered the fresh noodle soup while I ordered the wanton soup. Both soups were really great but the only thing we can complain is that the serving is so little (kinda makes it expensive). We also ordered their dumplings which is of course great too.

If you are looking for places to eat in Jeddah with a touch of Asian cuisine and if you have a budget then this place is recommendable for everyone. If you ever go there, try their sizzling seafood and their soups. Here are some of our foodventures.
Noah trying to check out the dumplings.

Sizzling Seafood and seafood noodles (not sure)


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