Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Driving in Saudi Arabia

Before, I heard a man said "When you can drive in Saudi Arabia, you can drive anywhere!" and based on my experience, I believe it is true. I've prayed for a driver's license for more than five years and now I know the reason why God didn't allow me to drive as soon as I prayed for it - coz I am not yet ready to face them. I've failed to get a driver's license many years ago and once I've tried, I always end up failing on the Eye Examination. To tell you the truth, the last time I attempted to acquire a driver's license. I failed the eye exam again and I almost collapsed when I heard it but instead of being sent-out and asked to try again, the doctor told me to proceed to the driving range for a driving exam. After the exam, I was told to take a 5-day driving course since I have a driving license back in my country. To make it short, after I passed the computer exam, I was told to come back and get my license. My heart leaped with joy and I knew this was really the time God allowed me to drive here.

Back in Manila, there is courtesy in driving unlike here in Saudi Arabia. Some will give way for you but most of them I think don't like the idea of being left out. You will truly practice patience once you are on the road. The only tip I can share to you in driving here is, if you think they want to go first - let them go first because the minute you race them, you'll end up on a collision with them. Most of the taxi, bus and truck drivers don't have courtesy so be careful of them. Also be on a look-out of corners, most cars just pop out without decelerating.

I've also heard a lot of injustices on the traffic violation, specially when in an accident. I try to really be careful in driving coz I don't want to experience this so called injustices. Learn to be a defensive driver and practice your patience but before you drive take a minute to pray - you'll need it.

If you failed to get a driver's license, just try again and be patient. The right time will come and when that time has come, you'll be ready as well. God bless to all and take care in driving specially during the Ramadan season.


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