Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Stuck Home

Four days ago, I had my right should sprained and just right after that I was in agony and in pain. Yes, it was that painful. I was able to relieve the pain for awhile with Forever Living Products KSA's product called Aloe Heat but I guess it will take more than that to totally relieve the pain. So I asked for the help of my friends if they knew of a person who can massage my sprained shoulders.

Two days ago, I had a full body massage although it wasn't what I've expected. I was asking for a massage to fix my aching right shoulder area. I was relieved but now it is back, I guess the only way to fix this is to find a specialist for this called "Manghihilot". They are also massaging but they specialize on sprained areas.

Now, here I am and can't do a thing or two with my baby boy Noah. I'm glad he is not grouchy even after having a vaccine last night. I could fold some clean laundries but right after I make this post. So that's it for now. Here is a picture of me and my wife before I got sprained, at least we got to enjoy a fun walk before I got stuck here at home.

For the meantime, I'm on Relaxon and Celebrex to ease the pain and some Aloe Heat Lotion. See you again soon.


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