Saturday, November 17, 2012

An Amalayer Moment

We had our share of #amalayer moment once. Me and wife were on a trip somewhere in Aurora and we are trying to go back to Cubao. We have some daing (dried salty fish) and tinapa (smoked fish) which is a pasalubong for one of my colleague here in Jeddah - it is carefully packed tight and sealed with lots of tape and you won't even smell a scent. The security guard then instructed us to open our bag. When they saw the plastic they asked what it is inside and we honestly said what's inside it. We were so tired and restless that moment. The guard then asked us to open it, so okay we respectfully followed their instruction. When we opened it, they saw we were telling the truth and then they said we cannot go inside. We asked why? They said in a rude manner that our package is so smelly and others would probably complain of the smell. My wife immediately went from zero to ninety-nine percent angry. Of course it will get smelly, we already warned them that there is daing and tinapa inside but they still instructed us to open it and now that it is opened, they'll tell us we can't go inside. I can't really blame my girl for being angry and I too was so angry that time but I kept calm because my wife's already there to be angry for me too (lol!)

After my wife got angry, the guard then soften his voice probably because he realized he started something that he can't just easily walk away, and probably because he realized that his rude manner didn't scare my fierce wife (haaarrr!). I felt that whatever we do, it won't natter anymore so I just tried to calm down my wife, I just told her that it is their job and we can't do a thing.

I can understand how that girl felt against the security guard. She probably has respect for that security guard too and like my wife, she's under pressure already - tired probably. The problem with some of those security guards, most of them feel they are in so much authority and already forgot to respect people around them. They talk in a rude manner. You can still be in authority without being rude, they don't need rudeness to scare people of their submission.

Poor girl, being branded and bashed on most online articles. She just had a perfect moment to be disrespectful to the lady guard and was put to public shame and judgment because of that, this could happen to anyone I believe, even to good people. We didn't see what happened before that video coverage so I think we can't make assumptions or judge the girl. If we try to analyze the situation, the girl was just reacting to what the guard said or did.


JonDmur said...

pumasok na rin sa isip ko yan... ung kay Amalayer hehehe -- nagalit siya kasi may dahilan... saka naniniwala ako na may mga security guard na di okay... un bang iinit talaga ang ulo mo..

Un nga lang... na video siya kaya nabugbog sa kontrobersyal... saka sumikat ang mga lines niya hehehe... pero naisip ko rin na kahit sino pwedeng magalit ng ganun.. baka nga mas malala pa ung iba... minsan darating ung time na sasabog ka sa sobrang inis... hindi lang sa mga security guard... sa ospital... sa tindahan o kahit saan... mahirap kontrolin minsan ang galit o inis hehehe

Bakit kay pag si Amalayer nag rereact ako sa mga post hehehe...

Noel Ablon said...

haha! thanks for reacting, It's just normal because we don't someday we'll be on the same situation.

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