Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Noah's Birthday Celebration

I would like to once again thank the people who have joined us in celebrating our son-Noah on his 1st birthday. We are truly grateful for sharing your time with us. We thank God that we have celebrated that wonderful moment next to each other as a complete family. I know it is a great privilege to have your complete family with you during a special occasion like this. It's not often an OFW celebrates a moment like this with his/her complete family with him/her so we are truly grateful to God.

It was fun just to watch the kids play with each other during the parlor games and with the participation of their parents, the fun doubled. Although Noah still can't appreciate the fact that he has a lot of gifts, we know in our hearts that he was so happy that day. I have a proof and you can watch the video below and you can even check the pictures.

The Birthday celebrant, Noah.

It's tiring but it was well worth it. Even Ize, our first-born was so excited and happy during the event, it's like it is his birthday. He was even more excited in opening Noah's gifts and was blessed to have a few gifts for him too. 

Too bad McDonald himself (the mascot) is not allowed in the Kingdom, it would have been a blast. Only Grimace was able to come unlike Ize's birthday where even Hamburglar came. The host was also pretty good so there wasn't a dull moment at all. A lot of guest came too so it was really crowded inside. So here it is, the party we've prepared for a long time.

The pirate family
Noah and Grimace
This is my favorite, pirate mom and son! Beautiful!
The result is a happy Noah.
So that's it. Thank you for visiting and hope to see you again on our next adventure.


Inong said...

belated happy birthday Noah!

Ang kulit ni Noah sa video, nakakatuwa!

Archieviner said...

Nakakatuwa sya :) Belated Happy birthday to Noah

Noel Ablon said...

Thanks Inong and archie for your greetings. God bless you both.

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