Sunday, October 21, 2012

Family Reunited

Last October 12, 2012, we had our flight going back here in Jeddah and it would probably be the most difficult travels (not worst) I've made because I was carrying one infant (Noah) and three hand-carry bags which I practically maximized in weight. We traveled via Saudia Airlines and it was a non-stop travel.

On my back, I was carrying my laptop bag which also contains some traveling clothes for my children, in case they make a mess of their current ones. In front, I am using a baby-carrier which I am very thankful I had with me which of course is where I carried Noah while walking. Another bag is my camera bag which contains my Nikon D90 camera (below) and on top area of the bag is Noah's feeding bottles and milk. Last bag contains Ize's and Noah's toys, Noah's diapers and an extra can of Noah's milk. And I've also maximized our luggage bags, one weighed 34 kilos and the other I pressume was 24 kilos (thanks to the check-in stewardess for considering our 34 kilos luggage, it would have been a burden tor me to transfer most things to the other luggage while carrying an infant boy and three hand carry bags). You might be wondering how I ended up traveling alone with my two children. Well, my wife is already here in Jeddah and since we are dependents to my wife and she's currently working here in Jeddah, I have to carry all the burden.

My mom and brother-Tonton took us to the airport and there we have parted ways. Felt sad but at the same time excited while my son vocally told me how excited he feels about the travel. I'm glad I was able to carry-on this task without any problems or issues. The only issue I had were back-pains and shoulder pains and I've endured it for around four days. But it was all worth it because now that we are all together once again, we are a happy family again.

taken at the playground near our house
You can't imagine the surprised look of our youngest son when he saw his mom, he is actually unable to react - we don't know if it was because he forgot his mom. We can't help it since he was away from his mom for over two months (he was eight months old to be exact when his mom left him with me in the Philippines, now he is eleven months old).

I thank God first for the strength He gave me to carry-on my task and also for the privilege of being a complete family once again. I know how others struggle to be reunited with their family while working abroad, it is such a privilege. I also thank God for letting me accomplish a lot of things before going back here. I thank God for the provision of all the necessary things such as documents, people He used so our papers could go on without problems and knowledge and patience. This is such a great reward and blessing for us.

Like what I always say, it is best for families to be always together because family was made to be together. God bless you all and have a pleasant holiday to all (Saudi Arabia's Hajj).


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