Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A 10K Run Burger Dinner

Last Saturday (Sept. 29), we were invited to visit Runner's Burger Grill and Chill by one of its owner Marsha (we call her Sham but she was known as Khaki), one of my best-friends. Waltz, another best friend of mine stood us up, so if you are ever reading this Waltz - "Indyanero!". I brought along Mom and my two kids since I can't leave the kids with her because of her current condition so I just decided to let her go with us too and she also wants to try their burger.

We had a few chat before we decided to order for our meal. Since Mom was full and me, Ize seems to be full too, we decided to order a 10K Run Burger and share with it. If you see the picture below, you'll be drooling for it already. It's been a long time since I've seen a burger looking that good. If I wasn't so full I would have got myself a 10K Run Burger for myself, it was great. Marsha also let us taste their newly added pasta/salad on their menu which is called Greek Tuna Salad Pasta which is by the way mega-superb delicious! You have to try it. My mom and I and even Ize loved it. It's a pasta but also a salad. It has the right consistency for both the sauce and the pasta. And you can also blame the crunchiness of the fresh veggies for its amazing taste.
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We also had another freebie and it's none other than Ize's fave - Quesadilla with sour cream dip, a great snack for everyone. I was rooting on tasting their Pancit Lucban, too bad they were out of stock so we didn't get to taste it.

The ambiance was nice already but once darkness outside sets, the place becomes more cozy and with a touch of reggae music, you'll surely be wanting to share the experience with someone special. It's a great place for friends, barkadas, a place for hang-outs and a place for special events. If you have a group of people who want some food adventure and at the same time have a great time, then by all means try their place. The owners are very friendly and nice, I assure you that.
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Here are some of our pics with Marsha. Thanks and we sure had a great time. Thanks for the freebies.
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Their place is located at Pasig, near the Capitolyo. Check out their website at Runner's Burger and FB page here. Just another shot at food review and restaurant review, hope you all like it.


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