Wednesday, May 9, 2012

QT10018: Eph 4: 26 (Be Angry BUT Do Not SIN)

Be angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath: - Eph 4: 26
This may be the hardest thing for a person to do; that is to get angry and not sin at the same time. The incident at the NAIA3 with Raymart Santiago and party vs Mon Tulfo has been a trend topic for almost a week now. After the said incident, an exchange of angered words were express by both sides. We do not know whose side is telling the truth but we all know that the fight started with anger.

Have you ever said something regretful to someone while you were angry at that person? It is not your fault if ever you have said it, the reason it came out is because it was in your heart. You mean to say things more when you are angry because you pour every thought and feelings whenever you are angry - most of the time it is hard to control.

But God actually allowed us to get angry but gave us a warning at the same time. In Ephesians 4: 26, it was said there "Be angry" but the warning said "and sin NOT". If both parties were able to get angry and talked things out with calmness then the fight never happened. Now after the video has gone viral, I've read a lot of rude comments against both parties which reflected negative to all of them. That's why in a war or battle, there is no winner - you are a winner if you can avoid it.

Now, the reason we tend to say regretful things whenever we are angry is because during our anger our heart gets weak. Physically and scientifically, anger can even kill you according to studies and that is because the heart couldn't take it. Spiritually, when we get angry our heart gets weak to temptations. We are tempted to say bad things or could even hurt people.

Lastly, the verse also tells us that we should not let the sun go down while anger is still in our hearts and is still unsettled. Forgiveness is the key. Remember if you take care of things, it grows be it love or anger so the more anger you keep in you heart, the more it grows just like what is currently happening with Raymart/Claudine vs Mon Tulfo now. If they were normal people, I believe it did not come to this resolution where they have to sue each other. 


David Pascht said...

They dont have a good manners

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