Monday, May 7, 2012

Phil so Good

Yehey! I am counting days before our coming vacation or should I say exit. I was browsing the net for places to go to and checking for the cost of transportation and everything but was quite taken back by the overwhelming cost. Hmmm.... Thanks to the tv show "Ang Pinaka" for featuring top places to go for families, now I have new ideas on which places to go.

Anyways, our itinerary would be to go to Doha-Qatar for two weeks first before going to Manila. We'll be visiting my in-laws there, it's kinda like a reunion. We're all quite excited now since it has been years since we've last seen each other. They're already planning a pictorial so better make my self look good and fit and not like some chubby dad.

Bleh! We are going home soon!

Our original vacation was to go to US but because of lack of time we are forced to make new plans. My son's new passport arrived late, if it only came as we have expected and as the consulate have told us then we would have had time to apply for US Visa. Anyways, we don't have regrets and it actually made things a lot better. Our US trip we'll have to wait then.

We are also excited about our trip back to Manila. It's a must that I go to Enchanted Kingdom this time, I just hope that rains won't spoil our trip. We're also hoping to visit our very own Manila Ocean Park to explore it and enjoy our moment.

I have lots of things to accomplish back in the Philippines and I am hoping that this vacation will be a fruitful one. 

I Phil so Good! (just like the french artist that featured our country on his song, you can all watch the video below - it is so good). I was browsing the net awhile ago when I found a lot of things and one of it is this one while the other one is not so nice to watch (Raymart Santiago vs. Mon Tulfo). That is it for now. Have a nice day and God bless.


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