Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hongkong 2009 Vacation: Day 3 - Part 2

So let me continue reminiscing our 3rd Day in HK. So we were told that at night, the best places to go were The Harbour in Kowloon side and Mong Kok which is like Divisoria in the Philippines. So my wife then asked for assistance from a friend who resides there in HK, Pam. Pam is my wife's classmate for 5 years (college of dentistry) and also my oldest son's beautiful and sexy godmother. We met on a mall and decided to go to The Harbour first. 

Click image to view a larger picture.
Because The Harbour is quite famous to foreigners like us, the place was so busy and the people around us were busy taking pictures. It was so challenging to take pictures because we only have a digital point and shoot camera. I have to take some pictures to see the outcome before I take our actual shot and have I mentioned the heat? Just take a good look at our pictures and you'll see how wet we are. It's a good thing we have a digital camera because if it was a film camera, we would have wasted a lot of films. I was able to setup my video camera to capture the light show which started around 8pm I think.

Mong Kok, sadly I was too busy to look around and search for something I can buy so no pictures were taken (nyek!) and besides I was so tired already, I was carrying Ize's stroller, tripod, milk bottles, changing clothes for all of us and some food and drink for quick snacks. We bought some toys for Ize to play with because we didn't bring any activity book or toys with us and he often gets bored when we pause for food or fall in line on counters. Here are the rest of the pictures taken while we are on our way back to the hotel.

We were all happy and fulfilled. Next day will be our side trip to Macau! See you all on our Day 4. Thanks and God bless.


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