Thursday, May 31, 2012

Birthday Lunch @ Steak House

It was always a dream for me to have a very loving family and I am so blessed to have one. Yesterday is a special day for me and it feels great to spend it with my family. The original plan was to go to American Corner in Khaledyah but it was too crowded when we got there and there are a lot of smokers too, can't believe we were on the family area. The funny thing was, the place was crowded with locals--and I thought they hate the Americans.

After witnessing the over-rated restaurant (me sour-graping), we then decided to go to Thalia and visit our old favorite place - Steak House Restaurant. I was so hungry that time. Thank goodness we reached them on time. As I opened their door I heard the first call for Dhuhr prayer, we even managed to order our food and get our soups and salads. It has been a long time since we ate at the Steak House.

Their place still looks amazing as how we remembered it, the ambiance and they still are a favorite to locals too. And since we're all hungry (even Noah agrees to that), we decided to order a heavy meal - the Black Rock Steak. It's a good thing that they have a lunch promo which is very timely for us hungry people. I still can't believe how tender and juicy their steaks are, so yummy!

So here goes the rest of our experience and on to our Foodventure. To view a larger image, just click the picture.

Our Food
And here we are enjoying those foods. Thank goodness Noah was in a mood to smile, the best birthday gift a father can have.


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