Thursday, April 26, 2012

Meeting McQueen

I can still remember when Ize started loving (not liking) Lightning McQueen, he was 3 years old back then but up to now he still loves Lightning McQueen. When he watched Cars 2, he replayed the movie for over 100 times, he still watches the movie if its shown on the TV.

Yesterday my wife told me that he overheard two Pinoys talking about Lightning McQueen being in Toys 'R Us, the real McQueen car. She asked the two pinoys and the two guys confirmed it. I was the one actually excited for him to meet the real thing. So I decided to bring both Ize and Noah to Toys 'R Us and see if it is real. Once we got there Ize was asking to go inside immediately, I am quite surprised he didn't see McQueen on the side - he's probably affixed on what's goin' on inside the store since it was months ago since we've visited that store. I told him "Don't you want to have a picture with McQueen first?" and then he said "Oh wow!" - only two powerful words matched with a jaw-dropping expression.
Anyways, at first I was hesitant to take the picture because there was a guy with a professional camera on his hand and a security guard beside McQueen. I thought maybe they won't allow taking of pictures and taking pictures aren't free. I took a shot with my smartphone camera but they just ignored me, the picture wasn't nice because the big light is making a fuzzy effect on my camera so I decided to take out our digital camera and took a shot. Since it is night time I am having difficulties looking for the best preset to take the picture. The two guys didn't object so I continued and asked Ize to take a pose.

At last they have met. Lightning McQueen will be at Toys 'R Us for a limited time only and it's until Friday - April 27. It's a good thing we came or else its just another wishful thinking for him to finally meet Lightning McQueen.


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