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Love, Life and Marriage

It has been brought to my attention through mail that Facebook's Notes will be removed soon. True or not, I decided to check if I have some important notes that I should back-up and while doing so, I found this old note I made dated December 14, 2009. This was supposedly a response to a note made by a friend about her experience in her past relationship (marriage) that has gone wrong. I feel sad about what happened to her and I can't say anything negative or even judge her since it is how she believe what Love, Life and Marriage is to her. I do hope the best for her. Best-friend Ilyana! Hope you are doing great where ever you are and hope your love-life is great. And before they delete my notes, I wish to share to all my visitors and hope they share the same view as I am. I still believe in my statements below. This is a perception in general and not just because I am a Christian.
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Marriage is when a man and woman decides to be one. Marriage doesn't work one-sided, it should be worked-out by both parties like you said.

When one acts on his own for his own desire then marriage will start having problems. Why? Because they are already acting individually and not as one.That is why, when one wants or desires something for his/her own the other should know so they can both decide as one, understanding should be there.

Fall-out-of-love happens during the time one acts individually, only thinking of their self. And when this happens, it doesn't mean the end of the relationship or marriage, it means the relationship needs FELLOWSHIP. They should start practicing the marriage once again by making actions as one. When they start to enjoy their renewed fellowship, falling-in-love can happen once again because love was there already, just covered by our own selfishness. Both should submit in the idea of making actions as one and making the marriage work again, if not then the danger comes.

Marriage is not like a light bulb that when the light starts to flicker, you must buy a new one. Great thing about marriage is if both submits to the idea of making the marriage work, the success of marriage is always there even in the midst of crisis.

Marriage failure happens when their foundation starts to fall. If your marriage is founded by happiness, it will fall once problem occur. Same goes with marriage founded by money or wealth, if wealth is gone then marriage will fall. So the secret to marriage was always the foundation.

What is the best foundation then?
Being a Christian, God founded my marriage. When something happens, we both reach out to Him by prayer and make our decisions wisely as if God is in the middle of our conversation. Of course having God in the middle makes the conversation mild and less provocation to one another.

I also found people who grew old together in their marriage who aren't christians. Their secret, they founded their relationship with their friendship. Treat your partner as if he/she is your best friend, no secrets. If you can make your friendship last longer, why not your marriage. Highly applicable to Christians as well.

Did you marry the right person?
Well, before you decided to get married you have answered this already. The only difference this time is you've known each other better and you've seen the bad side of the other person.

Like I said earlier, the foundation is very important in making the marriage work. If you married that person because you just believe he/she is the one then your marriage is already bound to fail. Why? Because if you continue to ask that question during marriage or while your marriage is in crisis, then that means you still have doubts. That is why one should eliminate these thoughts before deciding to get married.

You said marriage is a career, in some way it is. If you don't practice your career, you will not excel but if you practice it very well - PERFECTION!

Well, it is just my opinion. God bless to all.

I just noticed today, this post is this blog's 200th post.


Roy said...

I agree with these, i just hope i could be able to find a loving wife that would love me for the rest of my life. :-)

Noel said...

thanks Roy, well it's not just the other person that will love you forever, you should also love her forever hehe! Like I said, both ways.

Thanks for dropping by.

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