Friday, November 11, 2011

11-11-11: Welcome to our Family, Noah Caleb!

I am supposed to be sleeping now but I can't help but to blog this great moment so here it goes. Today another great blessing has come to us and the gift came in a very small package. Today, my beloved wife gave birth to a healthy baby boy and we named him Noah Caleb and his cousin Ate Guian just gaved him a nickname already "NC" and thus his nickname shall be "Encee".

Wednesday morning around 7:30 am, during my sleep and while I was rolling my lazy and sleepy and slender (bwahaha!) body on my son's side I heared Leah said "Dad, dinudugo ako!" (Dad, I am bleeding!). Immediately, I stood up and said "Hah!". When your wife is pregnant, those words can't be ignored because it is not a small deal. I asked her how she feels and decided to wake up completely. After that I went to the other room and prepared to pack-up things so we could go to the hospital. When I came back she said that maybe if she didn't move and just lie down, it will go away. It never went away and one more thing happened, her water broke. It is not her due yet because tentatively, the baby's due is around 2nd week of December.

To make it short, we went to the hospital and prepared ourselves to a probable early birth of Noah (we already thought of this name before). When the doctor checked her she was already 2cm and water is still gushing out of her. Fast forward again (Sorry, I am getting sleepy now), she was admitted. The doctor told us that she'll be undergoing an induced labor because if the water continues to flow it will be very dangerous for the baby to stay without water.

Fast forward again, 2:22 am November 11, 2011 or 11-11-11 when Noah Caleb "Encee" Libed Ablon came out. He was so eager to meet us already, probably jealous of us laughing altogether while he continues to swim on his mom's womb. I heard him cry loudly, probably wanting to ease our worries and saying "I am healthy so quit worrying!"

Thank you dear Lord for your wonderful surprise and for ending my wife's burden. We hope and pray for her continued good health and the baby's good health too. Here are the photos and more to come.

By the way, thank to all the brothers and sisters who visited us awhile ago. To all the people who prayed and support us, God bless and thank you.


Pinaywriter said...

He has sucha cool birthday!!!~

kayni said...

Congratulations! Hi Noah :). I am glad to hear everything went fine. Get some sleep na.

Noel said...

Pinaywriter - oh yeah hehe!
kayni - thanks, I slept like a chicken hehe!

Thanks for visiting guys!

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