Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Philippine Riyadh Embassy Press Release for OFWs...

Yesterday, Philippine Riyadh Embassy has released a press release regarding the rumors of fellow-OFWs that were supposed to have a vacation but was given an exit-only visa instead of exit-reentry. There were also rumors spreading about OFWs coming from vacation with re-entry visas but were not accepted in the Kingdom, of course it is also not true.

An exiting employee should undergo a clearance before they exit because the government makes sure that that certain employee has no obligations or any pending cases before he totally leaves the country. Two good examples are the bank loans or owned and registered cars. If this is trully the case then there will be possibilities of people making huge amount of loans before going on vacation which of course they are preventing.

I admit that I too became worried about this shocking news because I've heard of it just right before my planned vacation (which never happened anyway lol!). When the news broke, it started with two (or four) indians being issued with exit visas and it spread like a virus (I wish I had that same amount of viral-effect for my blog's traffic lol!)

To all my fellow-OFWs, be NOT afraid to go on your vacations. It is all a rumor. I hope this article gives peace of mind to everyone of you. You can check the press release by pressing read more.

 God bless to all. (Thanks to Bro. Richard for the copy of this Press Release)


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