Sunday, July 17, 2011

Help Manila Zoo Recover

As I watch GMA 7's State of the Nation with Jessica Soho the GMA featuring the condition of Manila Zoo, I felt sad. It was my plan to visit Manila Zoo when I once again have my vacation back home. I wanted my child to see our very own Zoo. Ize was even excited to go since it will be his first time to visit a zoo.

I remember watching Eat Bulaga or even Wowowee before and saw a lot of students on their show. It was decided by their school boards to have their school outing to be on that show instead of visiting our very own national parks. During my school days, visiting our national parks is the most famous school outing venue but it seems those days are over. I sure wish that our board of education would support our National Parks instead of going to noon-time shows.

Visiting Singapore, one of the best places I went was their Singapore Zoo and it features a lot of animals. Our zoos may not have the same facilities as they have but if more and more Filipinos  make an effort in saving Manila Zoo, I know it will become one of the best place to visit in Manila - atleast on a national level.

I believe it is possible to preserve and rehabilitate Manila Zoo, just look at Fort Santiago and how it was developed. I hope Manila Zoo too can have the same attention as most of our National Parks. If it is developed, it also has the potential to be an international tourist spot.

Instead of a petition to close it, why not make the Filipinos (starting with students) to be aware of our Manila Zoo and help support it. If we just point our fingers to the one who should be responsible in its developments then their won't be any Zoo left for us to visit. I want my children and my children's children to have a great experience in visiting our Manila Zoo.

I think it is also one of the best place to visit when OFWs have their own vacations. Why not develop it and feature it at Pilipinas, Kay Ganda! (if it is still there?)? If I'll be a super-billionaire, I'll probably invest there but I am not so sorry Philippines.


chubskulit said...

The last time I went to manila zoo was when I was still in college for our educational tour. Nakakalungkot nga.

Thanks for the visit Noel.

About taking pictures.. Baka kasi kopyahin mo mga products nila kaya di pwede magpicture lol. Joke lang.

I guess your son and my son will get along so well because of Thomas.

xLeon said...

haha! oo nga. I know the'll get along. Adults lang naman ang di basta-basta nagge-get-along eh hehe!

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