Monday, June 27, 2011

Blessing in Technology

Last week, I went with my wife to the hospital for her follow-up check ups for her regarding her past issue of blood clot and hospitalization. I've already posted the issue here before. Well, so she had another ultrasound to check for the remaining blood clots. Thank God, there were no more traces of blood clot. We are both so relieved to hear that her blood clot is totally gone and we thank God for His healing power and of course thanks to the prayers of our beloved friends and family.

Since she's already there, Leah asked the doctor if he could show me the baby. I felt so excited. It is my first time to see a baby on the ultrasound monitor and not in the film or printed out paper. And the baby didn't disappoint my excitement, the baby actually showed-off. The baby was playing with his/her feet, even Ize felt excited to see the baby moving and playing. I never saw Ize's ultrasound before because Leah always had her ultrasound while at work in King Khalid National Guard Hospital.

Now Leah is on her 16th week of pregnancy and thankfully she has fully recovered from her past illness. Now the only thing for her to overcome is her night sickness. I salute all the women, especially mothers who had to overcome all this hardships just to bring life into this world. It was hard and painful but that is life. All we could do as husbands is to keep them from harm and accommodate each of their needs and support it. I always try to tell Ize how hard was it when his mom was still carrying him on her tummy. He has been supportive of his mom and I really am proud of him. Everytime he hears his mom puking at the toilet, he was always there with me to give his mom aid while giving his mom a comfort touch at the back, even when I am at work.

Thank you for all your continued prayers. God bless you all.


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