Friday, June 24, 2011

Reliving Memories

When I was young boy, I remembered how I used to adore a portrait of myself drawn by my Lolo David (Grandpa). It was painted on a canvas and it shows me holding on to a weird looking puppy. It felt funny the first time I saw it because; first, I don't have a puppy and second, the puppy looks so weird and it almost looked like a rabbit (lol!).

Nowadays, it is quite seldom to see people drawing or painting on canvas and if you find one, it would be so expensive. I found a great website which offers a great service that can relive your past memories by having your favorite photos on canvas. I haven't tried it but I am very interested. I'm preparing our family photo and send it to them for print. I hope I can make it on time for their Independence discount of $30 off. You can visit their site and see for yourself -- visit them at
Sample Artwork.

I hope I can remember to ask my Lola Tina (Grandma) where she hid my portrait when I come back to my province. It would be a great addition to our growing number of family portraits. I'd like my children to see that too.


Jasmin said...

Definitely a great post from you. I always visit your blog ever since. i somehow learn from it.

Noel said...

Thanks Jasmin. Too bad I didn't make it to their sale. My credit card is currently frozen because of my expired work permit, I have to wait till it is renewed.

Thanks for visiting. It makes me feel good to make other people feel good too.

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