Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Loved or Used

I just saw a nice status message and I'd like to remember it always. Here is what it says:

People were created to be loved.
Things were created to be used.
The reason why the world is in Chaos;
          is because things are being loved
                     and people are being used.

No, this has nothing to do with the phrase. I just did this awhile ago and I wan't to share it.
My iqama (work permit) just expired yesterday. A lot of things are affected when iqama has expired and it is very troublesome since it gave me limits to what I can do. Here are what's affected:

  • Can't go on vacation to Philippines or any country outside KSA.
  • Frozen bank accounts (ATMs and Credit Cards).
  • Can't send money to Philippines using Tele-Money, Western Union, etc... (anything that is bank related)
  • Can't receive money at Western Union -they'll ask for a valid and not expired iqama too.
  • Can't enroll my son at school.
  • Don't let the police catch you with an expired iqama or you might end up in prison.
Can't do anything for now except to wait.


Bino said...

omg! hopefully maging ok ang lahat. God's will. God bless

Noel said...

God willing matapos din itong situation na ito. Thanks.

LordCM said...

renew na agad! di ba pwedeng irenew bago pa magexpired? dito kasi company ang nag-aasikaso nyan, 2 months b4 maexpired inaasikaso na nila lahat.

xLeon said...

Well, ang alam ko pwede naming i-renew personally pero since may problema ang company ay di rin ito possible na ma-renew unless matapos yung kaso.

Na-imagine ko tuloy sarili ko na naglalakad sa Jawazat (dito nire-renew mga work permits) na dala-dala ang aking expired iqama while walking sa gitna ng napakaraming pulis hehe! Ang crew and staff kasi nila ay halos pulis lahat hehe! Which is dapat kong iwasan as of this moment hehe!

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