Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hongkong 2009 Vacation: Day 2

Our Hongkong 2009 Vacation Day 1 is quite an adventure already even if it is only half-day. According to the itinerary that we made, our next trip would be the Ocean Park. 

The great thing about our hotel is that the Ocean Park's bus service is only a bus away from us -around 15 minutes away. So we started our day early by eating our noodles (yes, the instant noodles where you just put boiled water in it). We also have bread with us that we bought from 7-Eleven at Lang Kwai Fong.

It was hot and quite humid that time and as a precaution, we brought atleast two shirts extra for me and my wife but for Ize - we brought around 4 extra shirts. We also brought Ize's milk, milk bottles and his stroller as well.
Ocean Park looks small from the outside because of the trees and and water surrounding it but when we went inside -it was huge. We were pretty excited to see everything but we have all day just for Ocean Park so we don't have to worry about it. Ize was pretty happy to see a flock of pelican's welcomed us. I don't about others but it seems the people around us just ignored them so it's a good thing for us because we don't have to worry about people getting on our way while we take pictures.

It wasn't easy taking a picture of you alone or with only your family because of the number of people around us. We tried letting them have their pictures but some other people will try to have pictures as well, so even if we gave way for others - other's can't keep waiting at all - they have to take a picture. When it is our turn, people keep coming so we really try to make the best out of the opportune time.
The first thing that we were able to ride wasn't some joy-ride bump-cars or mini-train but an escalator - a very long escalator. It took us around 15 minutes to reach the next level. Funny thing is, I thought we were already on top but we weren't.
Who would have thought we weren't on top.
There it is - our next escalator ride to the next level.

Is it hot? Dunno we were enjoying the Dolphin Show.
There are a lot of things to tell but I don't want to make our Day 2 adventure a 2 part post so I'll try to give the highlights. I'll fast forward a bit to our Cable Car ride which also took time - who cares we are enjoying every bit of it. We'll be going on the other side of Ocean Park using the cable car. Just look at our pictures.
We thought he'll be afraid to ride the cable car - he actually had fun since we saw a lot of things.
They're like big lanterns.
We spent half of our day here.
I guess I can't help but to make this post a 2 part post. I'll post it some other day. I'll have more time now since it is holiday (Hajj).  See you again soon.


sir rob said...

A very nice place. I'm sure you had a great time.

Be a Lifesaver Of Goodness

Noel said...

Thanks for visiting.

nortehanon said...

It's nice to see young parents taking their child/children out, sa Disneyland man o sa Luneta o sa town plaza. It is these moments that the child remembers. It is these moments that the child will forever cherish. It is these moments that will help form him as a man.

Miss N of

Mangyan Adventurer said...

NIce naman!

Family adventure! Nakakainggit! Haha!

Raffy said...

WOw Hong Kong, Sir Noel I envy you. Perfect family kaung tingnan hehe. Paexchange links po kuya, naadd ko na po kayo sa blog ko. Thanks!!!

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