Friday, December 10, 2010

Preparing for a battle and for a feast!

Wow! It has been a month since I've posted another blog post. I seldom blog these days because I have been busy trying to re-grow my skill in my chosen career. Due to the crisis our company is currently enduring, the realization of how competitive I am on the current market gave me chills. The problem when your career is based on a fast moving technology is that you really have to catch up in order to be competitive. No, I am not transferring to another company but just in case, I have to be prepared for the battle.

One great thing I've learned is that the capacity to learn is limitless when you are enjoying what you are doing. It is tiring and to the point that you are sleep deprived. Sometimes, even if you want to sleep, ideas kept coming in your head like a stream of water -- sometimes, I can't ignore the fact that some of those ideas are even great that I have to stand up from bed and put it into codes or at least make a note.

Holiday is coming and I can't ignore the feeling of joy having to spend it once again with my family. I thank God that He gave me this great privilege. I just pray that more OFWs will get a chance to spend it with their families. It is a great blessing indeed.

So to all OFWs who will be spending Christmas with their families -- "Be grateful and enjoy these moments because not everyone get this same privilege." and while others enjoy some stay at home looking at old photos or current pictures, some maybe spending their holidays with friends, some maybe spending a night having a video chat with their family. To all OFWs who won't be spending their holidays with their families -- "You'll get your chance. I have included a prayer for you guys."

God bless and Merry Christmas.


NFB said...

Merry Christmas Noel! You truly are blessed because you are with your loved ones this holiday season. God bless to you and in your career!

Noel said...

Thanks NFB, I am indeed blessed. Hope to see you all at the party. God bless.

Unnamed Psalmist said...

Congratulations Kuya Noel, for a more challenging career, Merry Christmas to you and your family as well and thank you for your prayers, you made me smile knowing that there is someone out there praying for me and my family!

God Bless!

FranCis MoRilao

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