Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hongkong 2009 Vacation: Day 1

The failed hostage negotiation that lead to Hongkong’s decision to ban Filipinos from traveling to their country saddened a lot of Pinoys. I can’t blame our security forces’ lack of training since we seldom experience this kind of situation. This post is not meant to blame, accuse or insult anyone whatsoever. This post is just to share a moment and a great experience we had when we had our vacation in Hongkong.

This plane depicts the very first airplane made by the Wright Brothers
Last year, my family had a 6-day vacation in Hongkong which is by the way the most fun and most entertaining trip of all our travels and my personal travel as well.

Day 1:  Airport to Hotel and our trip to Lang Kwai Fong

The plane landed at around noon time. Even though are stomachs are filled with airplane food (in-flight meals) we can’t stop thinking about the food that we’ll encounter since me and my wife are “food people” which means we love food. Going to our hotel at Bishop Lei, we used their express train station which is really fast and very comfy. Anticipating the long-travel we’ll be facing, we have already prepared our backpacks and children’s stroller for our 3 yrs old child – Ize. So take note, if you have a child aging from 10mos – 4 yrs old, you should bring a stroller – it is a big help.

When we arrived at the hotel, we gave them our hotel booking information from online booking which really is a great help as well. The room we got is just enough to accommodate us and our luggage. It has a small toilet with shower which we think is enough since we’ll only be staying there to sleep and mostly we’ll only occupy it during mornings and evenings.

Our first trip was the business centers near our hotel’s area which is a bus away only. When we reached the place, we just walked and enjoy the view. We walked and walked until we got hungry and then we decided to eat at some restaurant --the price is reasonable and quite tasty. At first we rode the taxi going from one place to another trying to figure out things but when we reached Lang Kwai Fong which is a place for nightlife - we settled to end our trip there. We were just curious as to what it looks like. We looked for the bus stop where we could reach our hotel but before we resigned, we bought some bread, noodles (where you just put hot water in it), some drinks and snacks at 7-Eleven. 

The climate was hot during those days so we went back to the hotel feeling tired and sticky. We all took a bath and slept well. Our next day will be a long journey and a busy one.


NFB said...

Indeed a memorable trip! Hope things settle for the better after the botched hostage crisis. Will wait for your day 2 adventure Noel. I'd been to Hongkong airport for a layover, i think the old one,but never chanced setting foot on the city.

xLeon said...

Thanks for visiting Nelson.

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