Monday, August 23, 2010

Lupang Hinirang: GMA7 version

GMA7 has done a great job in making this video clip that is almost like a movie of Lupang Hinirang. All-starred cast and packed with great cinematography, the very message of our country's hymn was once again relived.

This video will be shown before GMA's broadcasting and will be shown again at the end. GMA7's great effort in making this video has been widely appreciated and was chosen to replace the Lupang Hinirang that is also shown in our local cinemas. It is a very inspiring just to watch the video.

I saw this while researching for my project and when I saw it, I have to stop, watch and share it to you guys. To all my Quiet Time followers, I won't post any for now because I am so busy, I haven't slept for a day til now. I'll try to have a quick nap before Ize wakes up.


Chris said...

i liked this too,,..

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