Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Baul's First Award

First of all, I'd like to thank Mommy Mylene (No she's not my mom nor my special someone. She's a fellow-blogger, friend and a sister in Christ) of Online Mommy's Corner for awarding this blog the "A Blog With Substance" Award. I received the award last July 6, 2010. It is my first award so I'd like to make a special post for her - a Blog Review.

Online Mommy's Corner is made from Wordpress and is residing under her own domain (how I wish I can spend that much for my own blog as well). The blog is well-designed since it is an official theme from Wordpress, just fit for a mommy blog. She loves sharing her life experiences and obstacles that she encounter and lets the reader know that in everything that happens to them/us (good or bad), God is always there to answer our prayers and if God answered "NO", atleast God will lighten our burdens. By the way, like my blog, hers is also monetized which means she is earning money from blogging. The blog is frequently updated, and I mean FREQUENTLY! (that I think is because she has an online job and I think it's a full-time job).

You can visit her site and be enlightened by her blog as well. It is good to know and to find people who share the same thoughts as you. We share the same thoughts in some way, like in sharing the word of God through our blogs.

About the award, once again thank you Mylene. I know that it says on her blog that I have to pass this award to 10 other bloggers who I know that has a substance. I hate to tell you this guys but I won't do it. Instead of doing that, I'll be awarding blogs that has a different criteria. I have already made the award banner, so wait for it. I'll probably start with the blogs that I follow and people that is also following my blog.


Nebz said...

D lang a blog of substance; Spirit-filled pa.

Congratulations sa award, Noel.

Mylene said...

Hi Noel,

I am so touched by your review :) A simple thank you will do hehehe... God Bless. I am excited the award you are cooking up.

See you around.

Noel said...

@Nebz - thank you.

@Mylene - sayang nga di ko nadala yung ginawa ko, sa office ko kasi ginawa yun during my break time. Sana nai-pamigay ko na ngayon yun. Baka next week na kasi dami activities ngayon for the whole 3 days.

Life Moto said...

noel congrats too , i agree with nebz!

The Pope said...

Congratulations Noel, you blog has brought love and inspirations to your readers.

Life is Beautiful! Keep on blogging, keep on inspiring,

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