Thursday, April 8, 2010

Are You a Kind Person?

"Mabait ka ba?"
(Are you a kind person?)

"Siyempre naman."
(Of course)

It is a very simple question that any person can answer. I thought, how about if I re-phrase it? A question that will give you the same output but have more thoughts in it.

"Mabait ka ba? Kung 'Oo' ang sagot mo, gusto mo bang balang-araw maging katulad mo ang anak mo o magiging anak mo?"
(Are you a kind person? If "Yes" is your answer, do you want your children to be like you or children to be?)

Then there is a question. I'm sure everyone will think about the mistakes they have done before they answer to this question and they might probably say - "Yes but not entirely like me!"

What's with that answer? It's like there's something hidden in it. I asked this same question to my wife and she did answer the same answer I said here. I asked this same question to myself and thought, do I want my son to be like me? Ahmmm. next question please.

Here is a thought. Home is still the best school for children and parents are the best teachers. "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it." - Prov 22:6. Makes sense right?

Would you believe that most lessons learned by children came from parents? And most of those lessons are the things parents DON'T teach them. What I mean is lessons that we (parents) don't want or unknowingly teach them. How? In most cases, children's heroes were always there parents. They try to imitate them/us parents. Like my son when we had a baby visitor in our house, the baby was crying that time when he told me "I am Daddy". Then I asked him, who is he while pointing at the baby and then he answered "He is Ize." (that's my son's name). Then he lightly taps the chest of the baby and said "It's okay!". I laughed at what he just did. I did not teach him that but whenever he is hurt and cry, we (me and my wife) comfort him by saying "It's okay."

We (Parents) are their role models. So we should refrain from doing BAD things in front of them but to practice it - JUST DON'T DO IT! even when not in front of them.

The most important part of children's growth is their childhood. "Their mind is like a sponge." that's what my wife's doctor told me. So be it good or bad, they'll absorve it if you feed it to them so be careful what you feed them (I mean what you teach them or show them).

That is why their is a saying "Fruits don't fall far from it's tree."? Because people think that what you are always shows and eventually your children will learn from you. But I believe that people come to realize their mistakes and when they become parents they try not to let their children be like what they used to be. Thus, making them good parents and because of that practice they become good people.

So, "Are you a Kind Person?". For your children's sake, be one.

By the way, before I end this article. I would like to thank God for his great blessings. I knew God will provide a way. On my previous article, I wrote about my boss not wanting to pay me for the month of March. I wrote him a letter - it's not a hate letter coz I know where it leads to. And I am glad I did it. He reconsidered everything and yesterday I just received my March salary with deductions. There shouldn't be any deductions but it is still better than not having any at all. Great blessings. Thank you God and thanks to all who prayed for us. God bless you all.


No Benta said...

I like this post. Actually I used the Proverb in my twin sons' shoutout box on FB.

It's really true, we all want our kids to grow up nicely and kindly. We want them to get the right attitudes that we have.

I also asked myself that question...if I want my kids to be like me. and my answer is also the same...

chie said...

oo..mabait ako. :P
but when you rephrased the question, napaisip ako...
im still single pero someday kung magkakaron ako ng anak, i want him to be a better person kesa sa 'kin.
only God can change the heart and attitude of a person, but we must also do our responsibility.
we are His instruments.

God bless! :)

Pedo said...

I am trying to be one. But ofcourse, we will fail sometimes. But I tell my kids that in the same way that my Father in heaven forgives me for my failures, we will also forgive them for their mistakes. Basta, the Lord is our ultimate role model.
Hope you could check out my entry "I'll Fight For You, Anak" at

Rej said...

Love this post. malaki talaga ang influence ng mga magulang in molding a child's character.

Agree din ako sa sinabi ni chie. oo..mabait ako pero kung magkakaanak ako I also want him/her a better person.

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