Sunday, April 18, 2010

State Senator Sues God

I'd like to share one funny story I accidentaly found at MSN. I followed the source of the article and found it at Fox News. Here are the details:

FoxNews (Sept. 17, 2007)

Nebraska States Senator Sues God Over Natural Disasters

Nebraska state Senator Ernie Chambers, who represents legislative District 11 in North Omaha, filed an unusual lawsuit on Friday. According to court documents obtained by Wikinews, Chambers has decided to sue God, looking for a judge to issue a "permanent injunction" against the highest power.

State of Nebraska.Chambers says in his suit that God has spread fear across the globe causing "widespread death, destruction and terrorization of millions upon millions of the Earth's inhabitants. [God also caused] fearsome floods, horrendous hurricanes, earthquakes, plagues, famine, genocidal wars, birth defects, terrifying tornadoes and the like" and he wants the courts to order God "to cease certain harmful activities and the making of terroristic threats."

The suit is in an apparent retaliation for a recent ruling where the words 'rape' and 'victim' were banned from a recent criminal case involving a sexual assault incident. The woman who was assaulted, Tory Bowen, filed a lawsuit against Jeffrey Cheuvront, a district judge in the city of Lancaster when he banned the use of those words in her criminal case. Chambers says that her lawsuit is "frivolous" and he filed his suit to show people that "anybody can sue anybody."

"This lawsuit having been filed and being of such questionable merit creates a circumstance where my lawsuit is appropriately filed. People might call it frivolous but if they read it they'll see there are very serious issues I have raised." stated Chambers. "The Constitution requires that the courthouse doors be open, so you cannot prohibit the filing of suit. Anyone can sue anyone they choose, even God," he added.

Richard Kopf, a U.S. District Judge has ordered that Bowen must show evidence to support her lawsuit, saying that her case does not have "any legal basis whatsoever" until she does so.

It is not known when or if any additional hearings have been scheduled. Mr Chambers complaint consists of in part, "despite reasonable efforts to effectuate personal service on Defendant God has been unable to do so."

Attempts by a Wired News reporter to contact God for comment were not successful.
I laughed at how the article was ended and told myself - At least they believed there is God. If this could turn into a serious lawsuit, I'll stand as God's witness that it US people who made this things happen. The natural disasters were just caused by our neglegence and abuse on our nature thus saying IT IS US WHO ARE GUILTY. It should be US that He should sue since we try to destroy His creation. How about you guys?

By the way, here is the link to the source: FOX NEWS


Ayie said...

Nice article nga po. He has a good intention on doing so, yun lang sobrang intense naman ata--pati si God napagdiskitahan.

Ang hirap na ng buhay, lahat ng maaring gawing rason, ituturo na dahilan.

First time pong nag cocomment sa blog nyo.


Noel said...

Salamat Ayie. In my own opinion he once was a believer and I think he still is but he didn't see why God permits this things to happen.

Kahit sino siguro ay magtatanong lalo kung pinagdaanan ang isang sakuna. Tingin ko ay nanggaling siya doon sa kalagayang iyon na kung saan tinatanong na niya ang Diyos.

Sana bisita ka ulit sa susunod kong article. It's an article na related din dito.

chie said...

"...fearsome floods, horrendous hurricanes, earthquakes, plagues, famine, genocidal wars, birth defects, terrifying tornadoes..."

it is God judging us.

kasi tayong mga tao ang guilty.

...ei naku :)

Mylene said...

True! Mga hindi tayo mapagkakatiwalaang katiwala :( Hindi natin pinahalagahan at iningatan ang yamang ibinigay Niya sa atin.

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