Sunday, April 4, 2010


It's been quite awhile since I posted an article. The reason is I am too busy, busy making myself busy hehe!

2010 Challenge
Year 2010 has been a challenging year for me and my family. Our company is currently facing a crisis that is affecting each of the employees. I am on a verge of resigning. One of my pinoy officemate already resigned and a few are on the hit list (24 people to be fired). I still don't know if I am included on their hit list but I heard from my boss (manager) that I am not included - thank God. I may be wanting an exit but definitely by not being fired. I always want a cheerful and happy exit hehe!

The Travel Expense
Two years ago, I was assigned in Amanah Obhor office. Since I don't own a car, traveling is quite expensive and very tiring. At first, I used to travel on a taxi but it cost too much (25 x 2 = 50SR/day) so I resorted to riding buses. The bus ride (2SR) goes from our Balad and passing my place up to Heraa and from there I ride a taxi (10SR), total of 12 x 2 = 24SR/day. By the way, I tried applying for a license but I failed once again because of my eye problem, I've faiiled thrice already. Dunno when I will try again - I hate rejections haha!

Challenge Part 2
Another challenge for me is when our salaries got delayed for almost 3 months. I was trying to save the money we have so we decided to go back to our Balad office. I thought it's better than not working at all. By the way, my home is just near our Balad office - I could walk if I want to but of course there is always a bus when I need one, only 2SR and I'm there.

Victory and Trial
We were paid for our Jan-Feb just last March 23 and after paying all the payables we end up with a 1000SR - Thank God there still much for us. The problem now is they don't want to pay the work I did in our Balad office - I told them I won't be in that situation if they have paid us on time but they kept telling me to understand what is happening to our company. I told them I understand pretty well the company's situation but they have to understand my situation as well. I know God will provide so I just accepted the fact that they can't be reasoned out anymore.

God has seen it!
If only for my family I would have been out already. But because God is with us, He already knew things will happen this way. I thank God for giving my wife a job. I don't want her to work but difficult times come and we can only rely on each other and God. God made provisions already and our answered prayer is a year advance.

God gave me His 4th Word
In commemorating Jesus' death, our church had a special gathering in which Jesus 7 Last Words were explained to everyone. I am blessed to explain the most intriguing 4th last word - "My God, my God, Why has thou forsaken me". I'll put the article I did here this week. But one thing I learned from his 4th word, his anguish in the cross can't be compared to the hardship I am facing right now and he became victorious. Jesus overcame death and has risen for me.

Ize's Happiness Brings Us (me and wife) Joy
I thank God for giving us the luxury of celebrating my son's birthday at Jollibee. His first, second and third birthday happened in our church and we just bought a cake and cooked pansit. Since he is old enough to appreciate birthday parties he became excited about his birthday celebration and is already full of anticipation. And because of his excitement and anticipation, we didn't want to hurt his feelings by cancelling his birthday celebration at Jollibee - instead we tried to chop-up a few hundred bucks from other expenses. It was worth it. It was a blessing already to see him laugh and smile on his special day - just the right age to celebrate with style.

We are victorious in facing these trials and we didn't do it by ourselves. God made it happen. Thank you dear Lord.


roanne said...

galing naman! just continue the battle and Im definitely sure God will never leave your side :)

The Twitterer said...

You've been through some ups and downs in the first quarter of the year but with your faith in Him, I know you'll remain victorious in every trial that will come your way.

happy birthday to your son. Yey! Jollibee party!!!

by the way, i've noticed that your site is under blogspot. i have a post on my site about my experience with a blogspot blog. thought you might be interested.

here's one advice though, always have a back-up of your blog - that's me saying from experience.

Noel said...

@roanne - thanks. I know He is always on my side.

@twiterrer - and I became victoriuos because of God. About the Blogspot thing, really? Okay I'll check your blog later and maybe have a few ideas on how I can avoid this.

Thanks for dropping by guys.

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