Tuesday, January 19, 2010

World Peace for Breakfast!

It's break time! Good day to everyone! I just got myself an Arabic coffee (qahwa – pronounced gawa) with date fruit that was handed to everyone awhile ago. I used to not like qahwa but after tasting both qahwa and date fruit together - I loved it. Let’s have a zip for another good day. So what’s up? Okay I’m here to share something that happened last night.

While checking my email, I heard my cellphone ringing and answered it. It’s one of my officemates and he is talking in Arabic (of course he is an arab).

“Aasalaamu Aleikum, Keif Halak? Mr. Manolito?” the man on the other end. He was by the saying “Hello” or just a simple greeting.
“Aiwa, Alaikum Salaam.” I said.
“Kamsa tagiga Mr. Manolito.” He was telling me to wait for 5 minutes, so I waited – it’s okay since he’s the one who called me although I am a bit impatient just by hearing him say my name incorrectly.

“Hello, Kabayan! Si Ralph ito. Blah-blah-blah” A Filipino guy answered and talked to me for about five minutes then it got hanged and then he called again and talked to me for about 2 minutes. It seems they wanted to invite me to a KS (Koran Study), dunno if that’s what they call it. Ralph also invited me to go to their place so they can introduce Islam to me. I told them it’s okay if I do have time but I also told them that I already have faith and I am not just happy about it but I strongly stand on my faith.

Ralph thanked me for the time and I thanked him as well.

So here is my thought about the incident. I am envious of how they share the word of Allah and I felt guilty for not doing my part for God. Maybe for now, it will be my blog that will do the talking and sharing for me.

In our church, there is still awareness for us in sharing the word of God. We were told by our leaders to share the word of God very carefully. Careful means everything that will keep the church safe from prying eyes of the enemies (anyone that wants the church to fall). And careful doesn’t mean NOT to share the word of God to anyone; it simply means not to put the church at harm by shouting the word of God at the public or to have confrontations with other people indifferent to your faith.

Going back to Islam. I have a great respect to Islam, thanks to my Muslim friends who continues to be kind to us. I am grateful I am surrounded by good Muslim people. I just wish all of them will be like my friends. If it did, I guess peace can be achieved. We can all live in harmony.

I also have great respect to those Muslim people or people of other religion or faith who respect other people with different faith (hmm… that was long). My wife told me of a person at her work. It seems that there is this guy, a Muslim and always hated her, that is what she thought but it seems this guy doesn’t hate only her but other people indifferent to his faith – that is according to her friend. How can you respect a person who doesn’t respect you?

I guess, I am just hoping for World Peace that is why I wrote this article.

One more thing, I hate to admit it but now I feel safer here in Saudi Arabia than in the Philippines. I guess it is called Paranoia but I really feel that way. I remember I just got from money exchange (I exchanged $200 to peso) and this guy kept staring at me while I am on the counter. When I went off, I saw him following me. I tried losing him by going to a crowded place and walk in zigzag but my efforts were useless. I found my way to a comfort room at the lower level of SM North Edsa, I think is on their hardware section. The only way I can think of to lose this guy is to confront him or just make a message not to mess with me. When I went inside, I waited for him and I saw him looking around before going the comfort room, he didn’t see me looking at him and when he was near the door I walked towards the door, towards him and bumped him head on. I didn’t say sorry or anything at all, I just kept gazing at him while going walking my way out. He didn’t follow me after that. If you ask how I feel, I am almost trembling with fear of my life coz I know these people won’t do such things if they aren’t armed at all.

With that on my mind, I came up with a different ending. After bumping into him, I said sorry and hand him over a Bible Track and say “God loves you!” and wave goodbye at him. Would that have changed his life?

A note to myself, when on vacation keep lots of Bible tracks on my pocket. You don’t know how many people will bump into you that may need His words. Thanks for wasting your time with me.


DRAKE said...

Noel, baka type ka lang nung lalaking sumusunod sa iyo!hahah


Noel Ablon said...

Mukha nga kasi nung nabangga ko namula, di ko alam kung nagalit or.... nag-blush hehehe!

Mangyan Adventurer said...

May kwento pa palang ganun... Hehe :)

Yung tea namin sa bahay from Dubai... Share lang! Haha!

Jepoy said...

Noel are you a born again Christian?

Noel Ablon said...

Thanks @Mangyan!

@Jepoy - Yes I am a born again Christian

Misalyn said...

Hindi pagsasayang ng oras ang pagbabasa ng blog lalo na at may kabuluhan naman.

Ay speaking of gahwa, until now hindi ko pa rin magustuhan ang lasa nyan,napakapait.

Thanks for sharing your story.

onlinemommy said...

Uy this is very true. I mean the sharing part ha. Most Christians (just like me) are not that zealous to share the gospel. I really feel so guilty. Dati whenever I take a cab, I give out gospel with my payment. Ewan ko ba bat ngayon hindi na... A good reminder, lagi rin akong magdadala ng gospel track para pag me pagkakataon makagbahagi rin ako ng Gospel.

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