Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Friend Pigeoto

Hey there! You alone?

You don't look happy to me. Any problem? Can I sit beside you? Okay, I'll just sit beside you anyways. Oh by the way, I am Pigeoto.

I know. You don't feel like talking. I mean who would talk to a bird? Especially a pigeon like me. Look at the other pigeons, they don't even wanna talk to me.

But you know what? Come back here again when you feel lonely or sad. I'll sit with you again even if you don't feel like talking. Just want you to know that you are much more valuable than I am to the Lord.

And please come back with some raisins, love those dehydrated grapes. See ya!

=== ^ ===
Just a pigeon who sat beside me while I'm looking for answer, God's answer. Maybe this really is what God wanted to tell me. Hey! I am not that emotional about my past problem. It's no big deal. I am just trying to share this wonderful moment I captured last Wednesday.


glentot said...

Just want you to know that you are much more valuable than I am to the Lord.

What a great way to put it...

Kosa said...

when no body wants to listen..
talk to Papa Jesus!
when you dont feel like talking,
listen to papa Jesus.

Ganun lang yun!

cheer up!

Noel Ablon said...

@Glentot - thanks for visiting.

@Kosa - well that's pretty much the thought hehe! Don't worry I am done with it already.

Misalyn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Misalyn said...

Nice captures and with your text, your snaps turned special. Thanks for sharing. Keep clicking, Photography is a nice way of de stressing.

A great start of the week to you Noel.

Noel Ablon said...

@Misalyn - kaya nga ang binili kong cellphone eh may matinong digital cam kasi mahilig talaga akong mag-kodak moments. Pero I am also planning on buying a Prof. Camera yung Canon EOS Series (prob. yung EOS 1000D or EOS 500D) Pero baka yung EOS 500D kasi mas maganda review kesa sa 1000D. Thanks sa pagbisita.

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