Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Where Is My Blogroll?

If you haven't noticed, I removed my Blogroll. It is to prepare my blog for the new theme I made myself. It was a very, very long delayed theme. Actually, I still haven't finish the theme. There is still a lot of word to be done. I can't believe how tedious making a new theme (a Blogger Theme) is.

Oh by the way my Blogroll is here - CHECK IT HERE!

More changes will come soon before launching my new Baul ni Noel. See you guys.


Mangyan Adventurer said...

Hindi pa tayo nag eexlinik right?

onlinemommy said...

ni check ko lng kung d nawala ung link ko :D

Btw, if you are interested with shared hosting, I can give you very very affordable package :D You may also want to venture on Word Press hihihi...

God Bless

Nebz said...

Oy shared hosting daw! Grab it! (I honestly don't know what it means but I think it's good!).

Hirap magremodel ng bahay no? Ako nga gusto ko na namang baguhin ung bahay ko. Hehe. Kaadikan to the max talaga!

Good luck, Noel. (Pero sa totoo lang, I thought you had one of the coolest layouts noon. I think that's how I described your blog in my page: having a wonderfully laid-out blog).

Noel Ablon said...

@mangyan - oo nga, sige bisita ako sa site mo later para ipaalam sayo (weird nun ah)

@onlinemommy - thanks sa offer, I am already considering that option pero I'll just set that idea aside for the meantime. I have things to think of first.

@nebz - thanks, gaya mo di ako mapakali sa layout ng aking site. Meron kasi akong gusto na wala sa ibang themes kaya ang solution ay ikaw talaga dapat ang mag-design hehe! Hirap kasi di pa nga ako natatapos ay may naiisip na naman ako. When will I ever be finished?

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