Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Noel's Verse

I saw the sun today.... it's wonderful.
I felt the calm and cold wind today.... it felt great.
I wish it's like this everyday.... that would be nice.
But Nature has it's own way....an amazing way indeed.

It's like how God loves us....  it's wonderful and feels great.
And everyone deserves this same feeling.... to feel His presence and to be loved.
So if I don't see the sun today... I know somebody feels wonderful today.
And if I don't feel the calm and cold wind today.... I know somebody feels great today.


Noel Ablon said...

I don't know if this is even a poem. I just thought I should share a thought in mind.

This is just a reflection of how I feel today. And I feel somebody is blessed today, I'll just wait for my turn.

I thank God for this day for His continued providence.

Life Moto said...

like the pace of nature, napasarap ng feeling kapag nakasama mo Sya.

The Pope said...

I am grateful for the every new mornings, for each air I inhale and for every new blogs I read from your site.

It makes me feel blessed.

Keep on inspiring us with your thoughts.

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