Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Friendly Blogs

These are the friends I found on the Blogosphere. I'll provide a review on them later and some information  about their authors and blogs. Please make a comment if you find some information missing or incorrect.


The Pink Tarha - [Riyadh] sugarfreeruby, eyecandy23, maryhadalittlehump, sundrenched maintains this award-winning blog. They recently won the 2nd Best OFW Blog at PEBA or Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards. The pink-tarha wearing ladies can be seen lurking in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Their blog is full of information about their adventures in food, travel, fashion and bonus info about on SALE (I just hope my wife can't read some of their Sale Announcements) branded products. The best thing about their site is the mixed variety of information from each of the authors, they're like Charmed with a mix of Spice Girls hehe! Just visit them and go figure it out for your self.

X-Spot - [Jeddah] maintained by Pepe Cabrera. His blog is like almost all the Pinoy bloggers I know - full of life adventures. The great thing i love about his blog is the photos. It inspires my frustration of being a good and professional photographer because of the pictures that is posted there. He made simple things into art and that is just the way I would want myself to be soemday.

Isla de Nebz - (Al-Khobar. KSA) by Nebz. He won the Best OFW Blog at PEBA. One of my favorite blog-hopping area. A must for everyone. It is a mixed-bag of everything from current events in Khobar or in Saudi Arabia.

Drake's Room - {Riyadh, KSA}by Drake or Spike. One of the most serious blog I've been, inspiring, encouraging and very uplifting - NOT! haha!. If you want to relax, his blog is NOT the place to go though his blog is a good alternative to coffee that will make you wide-awake by making you laugh. There are also some times that he makes serious post, inspiring but mostly are hilarious. Just go there and enjoy!

B'log ang Mundo - (Rabigh-Jeddah, KSA). Another one of the Saudi Boy Bloggers. Sharing his life adventures in Saudi (far-away Saudi) and lots more surprises.

¡SOY NEGRENSE! - (Jeddah, KSA) - by Nelson. His current articles are mostly political but it is also a mixed-bag of information, proud pinoy articles, Philippines current events, etc... You'll be informed with lots of things once you go to his blog.

LifeMoto - {Al-Khobar, KSA) - by Life Moto (dunno his name or nickname). His blogs will give you inspiration in life, has helpful informations (governement, health, etc..) and a lot more. A mixed-bag of information like mine. A worthy of your time.

Palipasan - (Qatar) by The Pope. Yet another inspiring blog. Here you'll find inspiring thoughts and political outlooks from The Pope (not the real Pope). Dunno the background about the alias but one thing for sure about him is, he is a good commenter.Oh, before I forgot, his blog is nominated as the 6th Best OFW Blog at PEBA or Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards.


Pluma ni Jepoy - {Manila, Philippines) - by Jepoy. A mixed bag of funny tales and adventures of Jepoy. There are a few serious stuffs there but mostly fun. What more can you find on a cheerful and joyful person? Funny stuffs. Before I forget, there are also some helpful tips there, you'll find it in some post (just look for it, don't ask me.)

Uncategorized - please forgive me, I am still organzing everything.

Wala Ka Sa Lolo Ko - is maintained by Lolo. Has lots of original cliparts (very original). If you want a laugh before you start your day, you can visit Lolo's blog. Just a little warning, some of the jokes may make you laugh hard so in case you are in your tiny cubicle (working) be sure to have hankies stocked in your mouth and another thing most are RATED-R jokes hehe!.

Kutsarita - healthy recipes and tips that will guide you to a healthy and fun meal. You may try their recipes because some of their recipes are easy to find. I never tried some of the recipes that is posted there but I might one of this days.

Online Mommy's Corner - Another inspiring blog by onlinemommy. Here you can read lots of inspiring stories, tips (online-money making tips) and some other educational stuffs.

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