Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pinoy 3D Animation: RPG

I just stumbled into something, a movie to be precise, as I was searching for a pinoy-made online games. You might not heard of this or heard of it already but this is something I can be proud of and it is Pinoy-made - made by Filipino so I am going to post it anyway. I hope this goes out very well.

The movie, yes it is another movie. It seems Pinoy-3D animation will be invading the Filipino cinemas soon. Just watch and see. Hope to see a better movie clip soon. I'll be posting it here as well when I receive a word from the creator.

Movie title is RPG - watch it and be amused.


Nebz said...

Why I'm not surprised! Naniniwala ako sa galing ng mga Pinoy. Remember nga the first Pinoy who won the Emmy's? He too is an animator (d nga lang 3D).

Dito sa Saudi, Pinoy ang nasa likod ng design ng mga magagandang websites (like Aramco www.saudiaramco.com).

Puntahan ko ung website ng RPG.

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