Saturday, February 14, 2009

Poetry Nights: Love / Obsession

Powerbooks and the Power Book Club, together with some sponsors, are holding a poetry night billed "Love/Obsession" on February 13, 6pm at the Powerbooks Live! Greenbelt, Makati. A pre-event will kick-off the show at 5pm where the display window of Powerbooks shall be transformed into an interactive stage where performance artists and poets will deliver their pieces to entice passersby for the main event.

The poetry night is a yearly event of Powerbooks and the Power Book Club where the best and the brightest poets and artists from various groups (e.g. Romancing Venus, LGBT community, budding poets, rapper, etc.) converge to celebrate love.

Every year, they all perform pro bono for love. And every year the roster of performers grow and become more diverse and exciting.

Let's celebrate love (and obsession). Let's celebrate poetry and the arts. Let's celebrate culture and artists. Let's celebrate life!

==== Some FWJ - Filipino Writer's Jam members have also joined this event and here are some of their performances.

Rom Factolerin

Danton Remoto

J. Luna
more to come....


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