Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lunch with Family at Uptown

Last Aug 27, I treat the family for a lunch at Uptown Restaurant here in Jeddah. Uptown was formerly known as Casper & Gambinis. We've been to Casper & Gambinis before and I can pretty much say that they both have the same ambiance. It's seldom we eat lunch on an upscale restaurant so I can't tell if the crowd is pretty much the same at night and during noon time -- that particular lunch time, it was mostly a business crowd. I thank God til now for granting me the privilege to be with my family and also the privilege of having to dine-out with them from time to time. I know not all OFWs have the same privilege as I have now.
So let's talk about the food. First let me talk about the place and their service. As we entered the place, we were greeted by them with a smile specially by Filipino servers. The place looks tidy and elegant. The kids felt at home since we went to the corner place where you can find a sofa set.

my plate of Chicken BBQ
my wife's plate of Chateaubriand beef.
Now, let's hear it for the food. My place as you can see above is a Chicken Barbeque with veggies. It's nice and tender but the taste is not something special that you'll want from time to time but the dish presentation was nice. My wife's plate was the Chateaubriand beef and was served with veggies and mashed-potato. She felt it was quite stale but the barbeque sauce made it exciting. You have to ask for the sauce coz they won't give you some if you don't request for it. The price is okay for the dishes but the drinks are quite costly. If you are accustomed to bottomless servings like in Applebee's restaurant, don't expect any from Uptown but their Iced tea is quite good to others.

If you're asking if we are going back there, probably no or probably if we are with friends since it is a nice place to hang-out with friends.


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