Monday, August 26, 2013

Smile is your Travel Buddy

Last week, I made an article entitled "Where To Go on Vacation?" and I mentioned about my friends inviting us to their place and what I did was a little research and found just the right place. I found a website where you can view some of Philippine's local destination and some foreign too, they also have online magazines and it's available for everyone. Smile is what they call it and is brought to you by Cebu Pacific Air.
I mentioned in my post about going to Palawan, Davao and Bacolod and fortunately I found an article about Bacolod where it featured "Budget Friendly Bacolod". It was so informative and very entertaining. It's like an online travel itinerary made just for you if ever you want to visit Bacolod which also includes the cost of budget you may need when you visit the places listed there and how you can go there. One of the interesting place mentioned there is the San Diego Cathedral which was designed by an Italian architect which was said to be similar to St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. I really love the architectural designs of churches made a long time ago --they don't make it like they used to. It brings back memories of my visit to Belgium where I took pictures of an old church there that looks fascinating.

On the website's menu, you can pick a destination and look for stories listed there that might help you when you travel to that place. Who knows, what you might find will truly make your traveling more fun, budget-friendly, easier and may inform you of do's and don'ts along the way.  You can also download their e-magazines for you to be updated of the best places to visit foreign and local.

Now, I'm really jealous of my friends who are still on vacation. By the way, me and my wife have been planning an Asian trip before and one of the places we've been eager to visit was Phuket Thailand, thankfully Cebu Pacific Air is offering a trip there, that might be another option of ours. Once again, thanks for the visit.


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