Thursday, June 27, 2013

June 27 News Watch

This morning I feel like I want to watch what is currently happening around the world, especially our beloved country-the Philippines. Here are the things I've seen so far, some are bad and some are good:

First is the plan to revive US-PHL new air and naval base in Subic Bay. All I can say is that I think it is about time. With our current problems regarding stand-off with China, I think we really need something that can give us more strength in our forces. Well, lets face it, we can't compete with China's forces if they ever worst come to worst, worst is I think any other country can compete against us. My friends and I were joking around that we can all be heroes and pick-up arms and fight them - do or die! but what is sticks against bullets right? Plus, the process will also give us two new Hamilton-class Cutter Battleship just like our current largest battleship BRP Gregorio del Pilar and newly acquired BRP Ramon Alcaraz. I think, we just have to have control over the US forces with regards to security. They should not be above the law and should be treated the same as us Filipinos.

Second. Another Filipina drug-mule is to be executed in China. It's sad and I know how devastated her family must feel right now. I just hope this will be a lesson for everyone. Being a drug-mule is not the answer to all our hardships, our life is more precious than what it can offer. Lets just hope and pray that VP' Binay's visit and appeal to lower her sentence succeeds.

Lastly is the news about Japan lifting the visa requirement. Me and wife have been longing to go there for a long time. I was watching the news awhile ago and it was cleared that the visa is still required but I think they just made the requirements much more easier to achieve. Let's hope it is really that easy.

That's it for now. Hope to hear new good news tomorrow and less bad news. Wish you all a great day and a blessed day. God bless you all.


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