Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mission Accomplished!

Today I was able to finish everything, the goals I needed to do before going back to Jeddah. Thanks to God for giving me the strength and knowledge. I felt relieved and finally had a piece of mind, knowing there aren't any expenses I should be thinking regarding our Jeddah come back.

I went to the agency today and got back our original passports with the stamped visa on it, yehey! Went to D.O.T. (Department Of Tourism) immediately to apply for reduced tax. I was welcomed by demonstrators in front. At first, I thought they were all applying for reduced tax too and said to myself "Oh my, what a line!" but then I noticed that there aren't any line which is much more disturbing knowing there aren't anyone monitoring or coordinating them. Thank goodness they weren't there for D.O.T. too. There banners were faced down so I couldn't tell what they are fighting for. I went inside so I can finish up early and get home and just did what I have to do. Thankfully, the people there were very helpful and rather happy (made me look again if I was on the right place), nice upgrade D.O.T. -- Processing was quite fast too, you can feel the difference.

After that, I treat myself a meal at Wendy's which is just right outside the D.O.T. I ordered a fine and tasty looking Baconator and upgraded my drink to a float only to feel disappointed. Just check out the image below. 

Notice the small image on the picture? It looks more yummier than the burger on the big image. The small picture is the image of a Baconator while the burger I had doesn't nearly look like it -- yes, it's also a Baconator. I should sue them for false advertisement but don't have time for that so I just sighed while looking at the picture, said my prayers and took a big bite at it. The float is quite sweet, it actually made the Sarsi taste bad - bad combo. However, the Baconator is quite nice but I still prefer their old Bacon Mushroom Melt.

That's it for now. Just had a chat with my lovely wife. I'll see you soon, we'll see you soon. We love you.


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