Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our Family Portraits

On my last article I've posted pictures taken by our brothers. Now I am posting some of my shots and my wife's shots. Photos are taken from my Nikon F60. I just felt a bit disappointed at the scanned film results because it would seem like my films were scraped and had some white dots on it, probably their film scanner is so dirty (grrrr!!). I'm never coming back there again even if they were the closed in the neighborhood. It's a good thing Adobe Photoshop has some cool effects to hide those scrapes and dots, I just made used of them to compliment with the damage (sigh! still disappointed).

Would you believe they have Nikon D90 and Nikon D7000 shortage (forgot this word) here in Jeddah, the shopkeeper told me most buyers were Filipinos. Anyways, if it is time for me to have my own DSLR, I'll have it. So here are our family portraits.

I love how he smiles, good thing my hands aren't shaky.
Black and white version.
Used sepia effect to make the damage look like a realistic old photo.
Oww! I love this cute baby!
Haaay! My cute son peacefully sleeps at last.
My handsome son - Ize pretends he is Sora of Kingdom Hearts.
Bonding with Dad.
New Year Eve 2012
My beautiful angels.
It's always happiness with your family.
Mom and NC.
Playtime (hand me down baby gym from his Kuya Ize)
God bless to all and thanks for viewing and visiting my blog.


Rej said...

so cute. larawan ng isang masayang pamilya.

at kamukha nyo po ung dati kong boss. :)

Noel said...

haha! atleast bossing haha! Thanks for visiting.

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