Saturday, February 11, 2012

BNN Joined Semidoppel's Contest

It has been awhile since I've joined a contest. Just for fun, I've decided to join a contest that a fellow blogger conducted. It's also my way of preparing myself for re-designing Baul ni Noel's new theme - practicing Adobe Photoshop. I've tried re-designing this blog's banner using the free application called GIMP but I was having difficulties using it so I decided to go back to Adobe Photoshop.

First, let me describe the blog "Semidoppel's Report's". The author's name is John Philip Mamaril, an anime lover like me (based on some of his blog entries). I also believe he loves to play PC games coz his first entries were mostly about his adventures in Ragnarok Online game. The blog is a mixed-bag of topics and is always updated. You'll also find some current event news there.

About the logo.
This is actually the second logo I made. The first one, what I did was separated the word "semi" from semidoppel but not knowing anything about the story behind the word semidoppel, I designed a new one maintaining the whole title.

Here is my entry for Semidoppel's Reports blog logo:
And here is how it will look like on his header:
You can find the contest details at Semidoppel's Reports blog logo if you'd like to join. You can win a LIFETIME hosting of blog domain and a t-shirt.  

Update: (I decided to update the logo and put lines inside)

This contest is brought to you buy Semidoppel’s Reports sponsored by Jehzlau Concepts, and Two-Sided Perspective.


Semidoppel said...

Sir thanks for joining, sir nalimutan mo po ung anchor text na "blog logo", remind po kita. para di masayang ung entry. salamat po ulit!

Thank You Global Pinoy said...

Good day!

Together with Toblerone Duty Free, the Commission on Filipino Overseas, we are working on a campaign called the "Thank You, Global Pinoy!" We are in search of outstanding Global Pinoys from all over the world and in this light, would like to ask your help in increasing awareness for this campaign. Nomination and votation can be done in

Dangem said...

Good day sir/madame, baka po gusto nyong sumali sa
contest ko po sa 'PinoyFused Community' at baka manalo
po kayo ng Premium Ads Space ko, Naniniwala po akong
ang target market nyo rin po ay mga Pinoy din tulad ko at
ng mga visitors at member ng site ko.

Noel Ablon said...

Thank you for visiting "Dangem", I'll try if I can do that. I'll check it later. Thanks again.

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