Monday, August 22, 2011

Hungry Saturday

Last Satuday - August 22, I had an urge to eat sambusa so I thought I should buy on a store nearby our house. Sambusa is a Somalian recipe and is very famous street food here in Saudi Arabia during Ramadan season probably in the whole Gulf Region as well. It is triangular in shape and can be bought with different flavors or fillings such as vegetable, chicken or beef. After buying some, me and my son savoured each of them until there's none. What a joy! After eating, I felt so sleepy probably because of too much satisfaction. I know it is not good to sleep after you eat so I took some time before I decided to hit the sack (around 3 minutes lol!). 

Now, when I woke up I can't stop thinking of the kwek-kwek I saw at the store. It is just a boiled egg that is soaked in mixture of flour, salt, pepper, food color (orange) and is cooked deep fried. It is best-served with mixture of vinegar, soy sauce and some spices. It is a very well-known Filipino street food and is very famous among locals. And since I can't get it off my head and my craving for it keeps getting stronger every minute, I decided to cook some. I also thought my wife would love to eat some so I decided to surprise her by cooking some kwek-kwek. I was right.

While working here in Saudi Arabia, I've seen different Asian Food Recipes and I am quite surprised that some of the recipes are quite familiar to me. One of the familiar dish is the kwek-kwek which is also famous in Indonesia, I don't know what's it called in there but I'm glad they have it here. The only difference is that in the Philippines, kwek-kwek have different varieties.

Ize and the famous kwek-kwek!
Let's eat! Have a nice day people.


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