Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dinner With The Family

Due to the hot weather season here in Saudi Arabia and my wife's previous health condition, we seldom get out anymore and dine-in to our favorite restaurants or try out different restaurants. Me and my wife decided to have another experiment and let our taste buds explore a new food adventure, this time our taste buds suggested seafoods.

Nearest to our place was The Manhattan Fish Market. It's along Andalus Road and just beside Ruby Tuesday's. Before we even went there, my son was already complaining and telling us that he likes to go to Applebee's Restaurant which is only a few blocks away from The Manhattan but the moment we stepped in front of the restaurant he changed his mind immediately. He was fascinated by the small fountains which were setup at the small pond just in front of the restaurant.

The moment we stepped out of the elevator, we were greeted by friendly Filipino waiters and managers (or supervisors) and supervised us immediately to where we desired to stay. There is a smoking area for smokers but of course we went to the non-smoking area. The place is clean and the seats were very comfortable.

Welcome area of The Manhattan.
The interior decoration was somewhat a mixed of different themes. Looking up will make you feel that you are eating on a dock. They've added some pictures of sea creatures which are mostly well-known food fish species. Corner area places have a different wall decoration, I can't seem to tell if it is even related to their theme. Overall to their interior decoration, it needs more definition of their true theme, so more space for development.

Now since there are Filipino crews, we expect a high quality service which indeed is what they have delivered. For starters, we were served with complimentary dishes. We were given two big chunks of Lamb that will be served for later since during that time locals just finished their Iftar or breakfast. It is Ramadan season so meats were served around 10pm till dawn for their dinner.

We decided to order a Gala Platter meal which is good for two already and ordered a baked hamoor (fish) with rice and soup for Ize. The platter includes grilled mussels (Pinoys call it Tahong), grilled shrimps, grilled hamoor, french fries and tasty rice and was served with three kinds of sauce. 

The food was great and the fish soup was very tasty and by far the best I've ever tasted, we ordered another bowl just to be satisfied. The meal we ordered for Ize comes with a big slice of The Manhattan Mud Pie which is one of their best offers from what I've heard. The rumors were now a fact.

As for the price of their food, I've heard that it is quite expensive but I think it is just the right price. We all know that seafoods are quite expensive but it is worth it. But I can definitely say that the price was moderate and quite affordable. To add happiness to our experience, we were given a big discount. So our overall experience, our stomachs were deeply satisfied - it was a great experience. Here are some pictures of us enjoying the night.

The complimentary chunks of Lamb.
The Gala Festival Platter
The Manhattan Mud Pie

Before we went home, Ize spotted his favorite car just parked in front of the restaurant, it's a Chevrolet Camaro Convertible.
We all went home happy and full. Even the baby inside my wife moves a lot probably enjoying the food, just check out the picture below to see how happy I am.

See you guys and thanks for visiting my Baul. Thanks Manhattan for a new food adventure.


Chin chin @ Inspirational Life Quotes said...

It's great to see your family having a break and some fun. God bless.

Noel said...

Thanks, I am also glad that we were able to do so inspite of our problems. Its these small things that keep us happy together even if it is something we do once in a while. Thanks for the visit.

BON said...

family bonding! =) sarap naman!! enjoy!

Noel said...

Bihira na nga lang hehe! pero talagang masaya at masarap ang bonding hehe!

Blobber-Boy said...

wow the food looks very delicious!!
thanks for sharing hope you could visit my blog also

xLeon said...

Thanks for visiting my baul Blobber Boy. I have visited your blog and I left a message there. Thanks again.

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