Monday, March 21, 2011

When Tooth Hurts!

Basically, when our tooth hurts we drink medicine Biogesic / Panadol (Paracetamol). And when it really hurts big time, we consult a dentist if it can be extracted to ease your pain or save it through root canal.

Along time ago, I have this thought that our life is like a tooth. When tooth hurts what do we do to ease that pain? Most dentist recommend root canal to save the tooth and you from pain as well. Root canal is a procedure to kill the tooth by cutting-off and totally removing the roots cleaning out and filling the inside nerve of a tooth that is heavily decayed (I was corrected by my wife, she is a dentist lol!). The nerve is the one that sends the signal to your brain that "it hurts!". It's there but it is dead already.

Sadly, in most cases, this is what happens to life. Most relationship end up broken and sometimes, for the sake of their children -they continue to live together under one roof. Yes, it looks like root canal to me. With this kind of relationship, a strand of hair may tear it apart anytime and anywhere -you'll never know.

Crowning for Strength
Crowning makes the root canaled tooth stronger but still there are no guarantees of when will it last. Like broken relationships that live in one roof, no matter what they do there are still no guarantees of having that relationship last until forever.

Dentures / Tooth Implant for Replacement
When you remove a permanent teeth, there's no way another tooth will sprout from it but you could replace it with denture or tooth implant (looks better but very expensive). But once you've decided to have dentures or tooth implant, the only way to fill that void when the false tooth is broken is by replacing it again. And like root canal, there is no way for you to tell when will it last.

So there is no hope?
Yes, if you're a tooth.

In life there is hope but before we go there let me ask you something. For some people they may have agreed on the thought I mentioned above, accepting the fact that they are like a tooth.

Will you accept the fact that you are like a tooth to your love one? A tooth that should be removed in order to ease their pain. A tooth that should undergo a root canal so they won't feel the pain when it breaks. A tooth that serves its purpose but is dispensable to its body. That no matter what you do, there won't be a brigth future in your relationship. It hurts just by thinking how dispensable you could be to your loveone, right? Same goes to the other person if you think of them the same way.

The Hope
For a tooth, forgiveness is irrelevant that is why you can't be compared to a piece of tooth. You can't forgive an aching tooth and the pain will go away, right? Again, same goes to a person. You forgive THAT person or YOU ask for forgiveness but the pain won't go away easily BUT the pain will gradually go away in TIME.

However, pride goes in the way of forgiveness. It is hard to forgive a person when your pride is hurt, same goes to the other person. What do we gain with our pride anyways? I ask this question many times and try to put myself in a situation where pride could hinder forgiveness. Sadly, pride is a very persistent enemy that seeks your every weakness, trying to reason out every possible conclusion for you not to forgive that person. Us humans are limited already and having pride limits us from mostly everything.

The Pride
I've already tackled this pride before but I'll define it again.
  • Pride hinders you of truth because you can't accept you were wrong.
  • Pride hinders you of growth because you don't grow if you don't make mistakes. Because learning from a mistake grants you wisdom. 
  • Pride hinders you of true friendship because you can't accept the fact that people who trully cares for you will sometimes tell you things that hurt you to correct you.
  • Pride hinders you of answers because you are continually blinded by your own thoughts.
  • Pride hinders you of great strength because you can't accept that you are too weak to ask friends for help. 
Pride is limitless when it comes to limiting you of your own happiness because we all need to know the truth, we all need to learn from our mistakes, we all need true friends, we all need answers and we all need great strength in order to achieve happiness.

It is hard to accept the truth sometimes or most of the time but what we all know or some deny that when you accept the truth it will set you free. It will set you free from your pain and pride. Accept the fact that you can make mistakes too and forgive. I think it is the only key towards a great relationship.

Forgiveness and Time together can even strengthen relationships. Trust can be easily broken, but forgiveness and time will strengthen it too. Forgiveness gives each and everyone a chance to fix their mistakes. This time you know that whatever you do will not be in vain because you are still bound to your love one. You are not dispensable anymore because they (the person you love) know it will hurt them if someone or something tries to remove you from your place.

Once you have restored your loveone or you were restored by them, take good care of it. Chances are, you won't find the same chance ever again.

Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. - Colossians 3:13


Vylet Eclair said...

Nice! a different life perspective! :)

Noel said...

Yes, for a change hehe! Thanks for visiting.

charles said...

I just hope moving on from the pain of life is as easy as eating ice cream to lessen the pain of a newly-pulled tooth.

BTW, Nice use of figures of speech. :)

Life Moto said...

you are a winner, have a gift for you :)

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