Friday, March 11, 2011

QT-10013: Matthew 24:6-8 (What is Happening to the World?)

6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.
7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.
8 All these are the beginning of sorrows. 
Matt 24: 6-8

This morning as I opened my PC to check what is currently happening to Jeddah via internet. I checked but to avail there was no internet. I checked the laptop and the other machine but no internet. I reset everything but still there is no internet. Then I realized about the news that has been spreading this past few days about another demonstration, not in other country but here in Saudi Arabia -specifically Jeddah. We have all witnessed what is currently happening in most arab nations -demonstrations for a change in their country's leaders for all those country who are tied-up or has a good relations with United States of America.

They said when a country has an alliance with USA they are also supporting Israel. Egypt eventually has totally oust their former leader and now Libya is still at war with their own people. I don't know but I think Libya is not even in good terms with USA. Their is also the case in Qatar. It would be sad, to think Qatar is currently booming and their economy continues to rise yet this rumors of demonstrations.

This past few weeks, rumors were also spread here in Jeddah that this Friday, a demonstration is going to take place. That is why this morning I thought their government is blocking all means of communications for the demonstrations. But when I called a friend and he told me that he has internet, I just turned off my modem and let it rest for a while.

So what is happening?
For all I know, we are currently witnessing a prophecy in motion. In v6, we shall hear rumors of wars - Omigosh! it is happenning. No don't be alarmed at the end of that sentence it says -it is not the end yet.

If you read the whole verse you will notice that it is Jesus himself that was talking to His disciples and explaining these words to them.

Awhile ago, my wife told me that their was an earthquake awhile ago in Japan and there was also a big tsunami. When I logged-in on Facebook, I saw a lot of images of Japan in turmoil. You can relate to v7 as it states that there will also be famine (in Africa and in some other places), pestilences (eg. AIDS) and earthquakes. 

I am not trying to scare you people but this is just the beginning (in v8). This is just the beginning of all prophecies in motion. lol! Yes maybe I am trying to scare you a bit. I actually felt chills while reading these verses coz I know that the time is near. If you are asking me, what to do then you should read my previous article first and it is about asking wisdom from God. After you have read it, you come back and read some of my Quiet Time verses. I'll be uploading a gift for everyone next time, I just have to package it carefully.

God bless you all.


dlysen said...

Come what may. We hope that we can avoid it but we can't. We just have to be prepared.

Bhing said...

a hard reminder for us to re-examine our lifestyle. prepared like anytime God's judgement will come.

Life Moto said...

ito na yung mga sgns, the question is are we afraid for what happening?

Francesca said...

The verses you mention, is true, is not to scare people, or to stay negative, but to inform people the prophecy to come, which is the Judgement Day of God called armaduedon, soon to come. As these things happening in Japan,in arab world, in africa,were just some pangs of distress.The day of armageudon is yet to come.

Thats why, the book of apocalypse or revelation 18:1-24 advices:

" Get out of the Great Babylon, get out of her, if you do not want to share her sins.

In our modern days, WHO IS THE GREAT BABYLON? (she is being described in Apocalypse 18:2,3).

It would be important to know ,of which side we should be...when it happens...

Noel said...

@dlysen - yes you are right, we just need to prepare.

@bhing - every second counts, go go! hehe!

@lifemoto - if we know that we are on God's side then we should not be afraid of what is to come.

@francesca - that part is yet to come but like you said - which side are we going coz when God comes back - there's no more switching sides. It is either with Him or against Him.

Thanks to all who commented. God bless you all.

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