Friday, August 27, 2010

It's Larry Boy's Fault!

Yesterday, one of Ize's plastic chair fell on his feet while playing with our suction plugs for our kitchen. I just bought it and since it looked like Larry Boys ear-plugs it became an attractive and very potential toy to him. While trying to fix the kitchen sink with powder (liquid Sosa) I bought from the store he got the suction plugs and played with it. When the powder didn't work the only solution would be the plugs. When I went out the kitchen, I saw him holding the plugs while the chair was attached to the plugs. It fell and landed on his feet. It's a good thing the nails are intact but it really hurt him. 

While it seem that everything is fine, dawn came and Ize cried and kept complaining about his feet. We didn't get to sleep well, he only stopped crying around 8am. We are all tired and sleepy and we weren't able to come to church because of that.

Well, it's one of those days. I hope it won't hurt again later. By the way, Larry Boy is a character from Veggietales - one of Ize's favorite TV show. It's a good show since it teaches the children about good manners that is based from the bible. It's nice to hear a great quality cartoon show featuring bible verses. It's a must show for all who have children. Just keep your children from suction plugs.


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